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    I’ve been on the strict diet for a bit less then a month and I have been experiencing this weird symptom 5 mornings in the row.

    Basically when I’m about to wake up I start feeling it already and then as I open my eyes indeed I witness the fact that my eyes move abruptly up and then move down a bit slower than they go up, and then that process repeats about 10 times.

    Then I intentionally close my eyes again just to see if it will happen again and as I start falling asleep it starts occurring again and then I open my eyes again, it repeats less than 10 times this time and then stops. Weird!

    I was a bit scared the first time it happened, I googled it and found the term “Vertical Nystagmus”. Some articles say that it could be due to “being exposed to toxins, especially mercury”. (BTW mercury poisoning is something I’ve been suspecting I have for quite some time).
    I never had this before, nor I have it at any other time besides when I am waking up in the morning. Could this simply be a die-off?

    So I wanted to ask if anyone had experienced a similar symptom?


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    Alcohol Gaze Nystagmus is a result of the depressive effects on the central nervous system due to having too much alcohol in the body at one time.

    This makes sense when you consider that the Candida cells are capable of fermenting carbohydrates into alcohol in the intestines, therefore there will likely always be some amount of alcohol in the body if a person has a Candida overgrowth. The amount would depend on the size of the infestation as well as the amount of carbohydrates ingested.

    This of course means that Alcohol Gaze Nystagmus is a rare symptom of a Candida albicans infestation. Keep in mind that any number of Candida symptoms can appear at any time during a Candida overgrowth. In other words, just because your original symptoms did not include a specific symptom doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never experience that symptom.



    Topics: 9
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    Thank you Able so much again! I was a bit freaked out the first time it happened so your answer really helps! It’s easier when one knows what’s going on.

    The only thing that confuses me is that besides that I have very little physical symptoms, most of my symptoms are very vicious mental symptoms…I guess we all have our own unique way of reacting to die-off.

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