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    All I ever read about is flu like symptoms with die off, but mine are always the usual symptoms from a rectal yeast infection only way worse. I don’t really get flu like symptoms, although I get sore muscles with that. Is that normal?


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    Yes, rectal itching is a normal die-off symptom:


    “Now that you mention it, yes, my symptoms are rotating like yours. My wild guess is that when we are spaced out for instance, that the body is really working hard on the gut area. Then, when it is done we get the rectal slime and itch (toxins that the body dealt with exiting the anus?). Being spaced out and the itch are not at the same time yes. Could even be a day between.”


    “my symptoms got a lot worse on that day and for a few days after. I could feel and taste the problem in my mouth and also my anus was swollen and itchy (gross/disgusting I know).”


    “My major problem is anus itch”


    “itching anus”


    “Needless to say nothing worked and I now had a red patch and itching around my anus. “


    “You’ve mentioned a few times that one of your main syptoms in a chronic itchiness? It seems to be my main die off symptom and the first indicator that my body doesn’t like something.

    Just wondering… do you have access to a sauna/ steamroom or even a very hot bath (that makes you sweat)? I find that the days I get to the sauna or have time for a hot bath that my itch is perfectlty manageable, and can go completely. If I go 2 days without either, it becomes unbearable and I wake in the night tearing at my legs and hands. I stay in the sauna for an hour (with breaks obviously) and really sweat it out.”


    Question: I am doing something good for my stomach but get an allergic reaction. How can I get out of the loop of problems? Drinking the citron water, I feel its doing me good in one area and messing me up in another. I have much less mucus but I get itchy eyes and a terrible itch anus reaction.

    Reply: I don’t know from where the citrons originate when purchased in Sweden, but I know that Korean citrons have a higher sugar content. If the citrons are creating itchiness, then it’s probably feeding the Candida at least to a small degree. I think I would avoid these for a while if you can manage without it.

    From my own personal experience, i had it pretty bad before and during the diet. Now I don’t get it very often.


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