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    Hello, Benc;
    I read this post the other day, but didn’t want to start another debate so I didn’t bother to comment. But since you asked, I did notice a few things in the tread, specifically:

    He mentioned using Lugols Iodine which I experienced with during my research, I could never tell a difference in the symptoms one way or another the entire time I was taking it.

    He wrote: “Take Ted’s Lime/Lemon + baking soda + water alkalizing Remedies at least 2 times a day as recommended.”

    Most of the members know that I am completely against taking any type of alkalizing drink. The whole idea of the treatment is to renew the acidity of the intestines. An alkalizing drink will pass directly into the intestines therefore potentially preventing the environment from making the change back to an acidic state and at the same time prolonging the treatment. Even though he talks about the importance of alkalizing the body, he then advises you to take coconut oil, and even states that the reason is because it contains lauric acid, caproic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid which as he states correctly is going to destroy the Candida. These are all acids as their name implies, and when taken continuously, they will cause an acidic environment is exactly what destroys the Candida. Sounds a little like a contradiction to me.

    Taking Methylene Blue seems to me a ridiculous way to take an antifungal, especially when the natural ones are so easy to take and safe. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not taking anything that has the potential of turning the whites of my eyes blue.

    I’ve never agreed with taking a B complex pill. The ratios are always incorrect, plus the body can become addicted to the outrageous amounts in the pills.

    He talks like the die-off toxins in the body are nothing to worry about and basically a good sign. I totally disagree with that as I believe that the toxins can be just as dangerous to the body as the Candida itself if not controlled.

    I don’t remember reading anything about probiotics in his post, but maybe he just didn’t stress the importance, at any rate I don’t want to take time to go back and read his entire post again, so I’ll just say that I don’t think he stressed the full importance of probiotics and kefir in a treatment for Candida. After all, this is what is going to cure the infestation in the end.



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    The way I look at it is its interesting but its in a completely different direction than what we try to promote as a protocol. There are some good and bad aspects of their protocol but I’m not going to dive into it too much. People probably feel the same about our forum one as well.

    The way I look at this protocol and every protocol is that you most likely will find success modifying everything to suit your own needs and your own version of candida. The same goes with the diet. I feel that most people need some basic supplements in order to get better which needs to be modified based on your symptoms.

    Raster’s basics:

    Stage 1:
    -Digestive enzymes or bitters
    -Black walnut extract or other antifungal
    -Hydro-chloric acid
    -A good high strain high grade probiotic
    -Fermented cod liver oil
    -Vitamins abcdek, minerals, fatty acids, omega’s
    -random x-factor supplements (thyroid, liver, kidney, etc. depends on your needs)

    Stage 2/3
    -Haven’t gotten there yet but involves chelation, alkalizing, etc.

    Things to keep in mind:
    -Do not begin a chelation protocol unless you are pH neutral.
    -Do not alter pH unless supervised by a naturopath

    Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I try not to promote the supplements I take because I don’t think these will work for everyone. With homeopathics, this is especially true.

    I feel everyone needs to do the following as a goal:

    -Reduce inflammation
    -Kill candida
    -Introduce good flora and build it with prebiotics
    -Protect the liver and kidneys
    -Chew your food
    -Remove toxins on the body
    -Improve digestion to 3 BM’s per day
    *should reduce symptoms 90% within 6-12 months

    -random x-factor stuff that I cannot promote such as chelation, pH regimes, thyroid, adrenals, etc.

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