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    I’ve read that Green Tea is a good support for Adrenal Fatigue… I used to drink it every now and then and it always made me feel great, but have stopped since starting on the strict diet.

    I found this Organic Detox Green Tea at the shop a while ago and just wondering if it’s ok to drink this while trying to rid myself of Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue…? I would love anything that’s going to give me more energy and better ability to cope with every day normal stressors easier, while I heal my Adrenals and rid myself of Candida…

    Also it is “Detox” Tea, so in theory it should help rid my body of the toxins that Candida die-off produces, right?

    I know it will help with the Adrenal Fatigue but most teas contain mold which feeds the Candida… so is drinking it going to hurt or prolonge my recovery that much…?

    If it is ok to drink, how many a day should I keep it to, to be safe?


    – Green Tea*F 66%
    – Dandelion Root * 10%
    – Milk Thistle* 10%
    – Peppermint Leaf*
    – Licorice*
    – Ginger*
    – Fennel Seeds*
    – Natural Orange Flavour*
    – Natural Lemon Flavour*

    *Organically grown ingredients


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    Most green teas contain caffeine which would be bad for the adrenals, but if it’s caffeine-free, there’s no reason not to drink it. Just be sure to boil the tea itself for several minutes before drinking, this will destroy any mold. A cup or two a day shouldn’t hurt if it’s caffeine-free.



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    There’s no mention at all on the packaging of it being “caffeine-free”… Does this most likely mean that it is, or it isn’t? You would think there would be mention of the word caffeine on the packaging…

    I thought all ‘organic’ green tea was caffeine-free? or am I wrong?


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    If it doesn’t say caffeine free, then it very likely has caffeine. I drank green tea everyday and coffee once a week throughout the diet; this is my only cheat item other than salad dressing. If you keep the bad stuff to the minimum, your body should do OK getting over candida. However, like Able said, any caffeine sets you back and is hard on the system when you are getting over a heavy health problem.

    Green tea has great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident properties (plus many more).


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