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    Pauçp Jose
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    How many knows I think I don´t have candida but I have problems with sugar cause it destroy my energy and give me fatigue and depression and bloating stomach. Well my real question is I need to do a low sugar and carbs diet. So this is my menu:
    Breakfast: 2 integral rice cake with one slice of cow cheese.
    Lunch: Salad with onions, Spinach and one chicken breast.
    Break: 1 big slice of cheese with one tablespoon of olive oil.
    Dinner: 1 salmon, salad, cabbage, 1 slice of cheese
    Before bed: 1 slice of cheese.

    My question is: I´m eating to much cheese? Is that healthy? My digestive problems are better. Can I eat 4 or 5 slice of cheese per day?


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    Forget to say that I eat 3 times a week fish and the other days I eat meat.

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