Abdominal Pain relieved by Black Seed Oil and Coptis… Why?

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    Quick review of my issues…Candida suspected for years… am Hypothyroid, am Gluten, Nightshade, and Caffeine sensitive and have been off of those for 3 years except for a rare decaf coffee. (The nightshades and the caffeine cause me joint pain) I was thought to have had a duodenal ulcer – took a year to get diagnosed and 6 months to heal with a slew of different supplements. A year ago a different type of gastric pain (mild cramping) began and has progressed, I have symptoms of Silent Acid Reflux Have been studying Histamine (Tyramine?) and FODMAP sensitivities. Diet is pretty much a limited Paleo diet. I don’t know what triggers my discomfort that I have daily but not constantly.

    When I do have my worst pain it is almost always relieved immediately by taking a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and /or a dropper full of the chinese herbal Coptis.

    I may seem like a backward way to try and find out what is causing my pain but I am trying to learn all I can about Black Seed Oil and Coptis.

    [h]Do any of you have any experience with these?[/h]

    Strangely, I was without pain for a week when on vacation at the end of Sept-I think these things might have been factors:

    1) Grounding / Earthing (walking on the beach barefoot daily)
    2) Fresh air / no A/c / house had great circulation beach breezes
    3) Three large wonderful dogs our AirB&B host owned – Oxytocin from them?
    (we lost our little dog about the same time my gastrointestinal pain began – loss of Oxytocin?) Sadly can’t get another dog at least for now— husband is not willing although it may be a factor with his health too (he has had three bouts of Afib this year- stressful for both of us!)
    4) I was taking Candex and a tiny bit of Candidate and an herbal Kids & Adults formula for Candida Yeast by Dr. Eric N. Rydland before my trip to the beach because of a severe sore throat I thought was Oral thrush…(Long story but I was taking an enzyme at the request of a new DO – – it had Pepsin in it that I told him might disagree with me- I had taken it before with HCl and it caused my ulcer – after taking the enzyme for a while I tasted a communion size sample cup of Elderberry syrup tinctured in Alcohol and it make my throat sting and it’s been hurting ever since (over one month now! – Sore throat was not strep or thrush according to the three MD doctors and the one DO I frantically went to in pain. Something damaged my throat that Pepsin or Acid Reflux perhaps? It still hurts – gets worse as the day progresses depending on how much I talk that day.)
    5) Was away from my computer – I am sitting at my computer -online way too much.
    Away from my home environment – I am racking my brain trying to figure this puzzle out…
    I could go on…. but those were the major things.

    Any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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