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    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for the long post.

    So, as a lot of us, i’ve been on a constant journey for relief. After too many antibiotics and high levels of stress last year, i developed what i thought was a systematic yeast infection. On top of that i would also deal with constant throat, nose and ear infections, weight gain, ekstreme fatigue and hair loss.

    To be honest, to this day i still don’t know for sure what it was. I tried everything possible, OTC antifungal creams and pills (every month!!), Metronidazole for Bacterial Vaginosis, Fluconazole and so on.. Nothing worked. I had swab tests done for EVERYTHING. Blood and urine tests were normal as well.

    I then came across the Candida diet and started doing it from day one. I got ekstreme die off symptoms, it was horrible. 9 days of high fever and pain so bad I couldn’t sleep.

    What i noticed however, was that the pain came from my upper body and it felt like it was connected to my thyroid gland. 5 weeks into the diet i started feeling a relief down there, but it was like the last 20 percent never went away. Then i started on the antifungal fase and no matter how many lever supportives i took (Chlorella, Dandelion, Milk thistle, molybdenum) it was like i walked around with a first degree burn down there 24/7.

    After being on the diet for 6 months I couldn’t take it anymore. My doctor couldn’t help, and even my naturopath couldn’t help.
    So i ordered a months use of Fluconazole 200 mg online. I was desperate. I tried following the most important part of the diet (No sugars etc) along with the pills for 14 days, then i had 7 days break and then continued for 14 days with the pills. My nose, ear and throat infections was now completely gone. Thrush in mouth – gone. Sugar cravings, gone.

    So the pills definitely did something. However… 🙂 The vaginal burn was still there. Something told me this wasn’t a yeast infection so i googled other conditions and noticed Cytolitic Vaginosis and Lactobacillus overgrowth.

    After reading about these conditions I completely stopped with all antifungals. I stopped with probiotics, also the natural ones. I started doing Baking soda sizzle baths, then i started taking Ashwaghanda for my thyroid gland, but also for balancing my PH value and improve my immune system . Every time i would feel a burn i used pure aloe Vera. Apparently aloe Vera is very close to your own PH value so it wont fuck anything up, but it heals and is also antibacterial.

    I’ve been on this “treatment” for 3 weeks now and my condition is almost gone. I cant describe how happy i am. I truly believe this can cure me completely. I might have had two conditions at the same time. But if you suffer from a constant burn down there, that gets better during your period, try pure aloe Vera and baking soda sizzle baths.. It has helped me so much.

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    Hi Milo, Thanks so much for your post! I’m looking to do the same and buy fluconazole as doctor is useless! Could I ask where you bought it as looking for somewhere reputable?

    Kind Regards


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