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    The cleanse/detox part is a bit confusing. Aren’t they the same thing?

    This was my plan, how do you think this will work?

    First Month:

    All sugars and carbs are stopped.
    Psyllium Husk 3x a day plus as much water as possible (half distilled half filtered)
    Raw Garlic 1x a day.
    Pau D’arco/oregano oil/black walnut 2x a day
    All I will be eating is meats and vegetables and eggs

    When that is finished: Continue for another month with acidophilius and bfidius 8 billion 2x a day forever.

    I already started this a week ago and I’ve never felt so tired in my life, is that normal? also I’m extremly itchy and my face has gotten oily which is super rare for me.


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    Hi mate,
    welcome to the forum. I am myself new here but I can already see some stuff which don’t work out on the diet and are not recommended here in the forum.

    Before you get busy wait for Abel or raster to point you to the right post with all the info you will need. What I know for sure is that you should not take the Psylium Husk as it can irritate and hurt your intestines. Sugars and carbs are not the same, hold you sugars under 25 gram but eat all the carbs you want but only from our food list here in the forum.

    Pau d arco is not recommended here either. Hold yourself to organic eggs and don’t eat meat. Eat only twiche a week fish or organic chicken.

    As I said wait for more info from Able or raster!

    here for a starter I found the link to the food list:



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    I have never had a problem with psyllium husk, and it says specifically on the cleanse to use it 3x a day, so why do you say it’s not recommended?

    Also i bought a supplement ‘candida clear’ that has
    Pau D’arco/oregano oil/black walnut

    Why do you not recommend pau d’arco? i’t’s one of the MOST recommended things i have seen thus far


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    Please view the following posts:




    The psyllium husks are not recommended because they can puncture the intestines causing internal bleeding. Candida can cause the intestinal walls to be very weak.

    Candida clear is an OK product if you are looking for something cheap that has multiple antifungals. However, there are more effective antifungals such as oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract that alone can kill the candida and are effective for a long period of time. Undecenoic acid SF722 is also a very effective antifungal; caprylic acid can only be effective for the first 6-8 weeks on the diet. After that time the candida can adapt to it and is ineffective.

    I used pau d’arco and it didn’t really do much; but I also started its use after the die off phase.

    The posts I bumped on page 4 have lots of good information.


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