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    A few useful tips / observations from my own personal experience – this might help someone. I’m not a doctor.

    1) Liquids go straight down to the gut (you can test this by drinking a cup of ice-cold water and seeing how far you can track it down). When drinking liquids with sugar in them the effect on the Candida is relatively quick. Same with sweets, perhaps because the sugar mixes with the saliva and forms a liquid.

    2) Chewed solids take longer to travel down the gut. The effect on the Candida of chewed solid carbohydrates is relatively slow.

    3) Solid carbohydrates with a large surface area e.g. flour in pastry, take a while to travel down to the gut but once there the Candida explodes.

    4) Solid carbohydrates with a relatively small surface area e.g. chewed wholegrain rice take a while to travel down to the gut and the effect on the Candida is slow or non-existent (I can eat wholegrain rice with no resulting Candida BUT see below, number 5). It might be that temporarily NOT chewing solids as thoroughly as usual could help reduce Candida.

    5) The mix of ingredients in foods is critical. For me, wholegrain rice with chickpeas and vegetables gradually leads to Candida. Wholegrain rice with chickpeas, lentils and vegetables doesn’t. I have no idea why. My guess is that it’s something in the lentils that reduces the activity of the Candida. Or maybe it requires a certain surface area or percentage of carbohydrates for the Candida to take off, and the lentils have a bulking effect and keep that percentage below a critical level.

    6) If eating carbohydrates (e.g. on social occasions where I don’t want to cause a fuss) the Candida typically starts a few days later, as described. As the Candida starts, the seemingly out of the blue and seemingly spontaneous cravings begin. I find that eating chicken (I’m not a strict vegetarian) takes the edge off the cravings and hopefully gives the Candida nothing to feed off. Taking the edge off the cravings is vital. If necessary, trail mix or sultanas will do the job, but the Candida then has something to feed off and the whole process of getting rid of the Candida takes longer.

    7) One of my symptoms of Candida is stinging urination. I suspect this is caused by the toxins released by the Candida. Perhaps there’s a continual low-level steady die-off. As I go through the full die-off the stinging then increases, perhaps because a huge amount of toxins is released. It can be tempting to eat carbohydrates in order to reduce this symptom.

    8) Working out what’s actually going on is immeasurably helpful in overcoming Candida. Knowledge is power. I’ve gone through many die-offs in the last few months, and each time I try and work out what foods caused the Candida to come back. I also learn how long the process takes from start to finish (typically one to two weeks) and to quickly recognize the die-off symptoms. For me that’s phlegm, sudden inexplicable tiredness, sometimes unaccountable depression and, in severe cases, headaches.

    9) I have a slight gluten intolerance. I suspect that eating gluten inflames my gut and that this somehow creates an environment that is more friendly to the Candida. It takes a while to track down the web of interactions that cause the symptoms. Chlorinated drinking water and pesticides in foods probably play a large part and I will have to look at them next. This is a one-way journey to healthier eating – going back would mean that the Candida starts all over again. It’s a long and painful journey, with many steps backwards. I miss being able to eat whatever I want but am really grateful that at least I have some sort of control over this condition, even though at the moment it’s a pain in the neck having to adapt and change.


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    Awesome tips, thanks!

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