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    Hi All,

    I posted some time last week asking if my brain fog and oral thrush could mean I have a candida overgrowth and I saw my gyno who is also a holistic doctor yesterday and she confirmed my suspicions and thinks its candida. She drew alot of blood to test for candida as well as possible lyme disease.

    I have been on the candida diet for 8 days now leading up to my appointment and she told me to continue it. I’ve just been avoiding everything it says to avoid – and have been eating basically grilled chicken, a ton of vegetables, and almonds. I have to wait a week to hear back about the test and I was wondering if its advised to start the cleanse stage of the diet now or wait until hearing back.

    also – i have been taking probiotics and antifungals including oil of oregano and capyrlic acid but my doctor told me i should stop in case she needs to do a stool test. apparently taking these supplements could mess up the results? Do you advise taking probiotics and no antifungals while I wait for official results?

    My doctors put me on a total of 5 weeks of antibiotics in the past 2 months…so my doctor says yeast overgrowth makes the most sense, but is there anything else to cause the brain fog? adrenal fatigue? idk. i know im not expert and i dont want to self diagnose, i just want to get better so badly! im 22 years old, very healthy and active, and its only this neverending fog and unappealing appearance of my tongue thats holding me back.

    thank you all of your time and kind and helpful comments in advance 🙂


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    This is a long term battle so if you don’t take any supplements for a few weeks, no big deal. Plan on a 6-18+ month recovery timeline to get better so this is a drop in the bucket…

    There isn’t any real reason to cleanse because it doesn’t really do much in terms of reducing candida numbers.

    Brain fog can be related to brain health and gut health. Adrenal fatigue can be related to thyroid health.



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    Hey there. I know that you shouldn eat many eggs, fried food, take drugs and energy drinks.


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    Hello Arp23,

    Candida can indeed cause brain fog. Important in your case i believe is finding out the cause of the candida. I heard that it is often caused by bad adrenals or a bad brain-gut connection. I have heard that fighting the candida is often very difficult if the cause or causes are not treated first.

    Good luck!

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