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    So I have been on this diet for 2 weeks with some antifungals and detox supplements and have gotten some good results this early in actually. My seborrehic dermatitis and acne seem to have become less persistent and inflammatory which seems like a nice sign to me. I am a 24 year old male and have dropped from 169 lbs. on the pretty much standard american diet to 158 lbs. on the candida diet. I have not always eaten a standard american diet, this only occurred for a four month span when I had some depression and anxiety issues causing me to eat fast food and processed material continuously for those months, I do have a vast knowledge of nutrition from almost 4 years of studying it trying to figure out how to cure my acne and seborrehic dermatitis so none of the material I have come across concerning the candida diet is really new except for the anti fungal component. I do have one MAJOR question though, Exactly how much do I need to be restricting my carbs? I have cut out all the grains and want to purchase some millet or buckwheat but how many times per day or week can I consume the types of carbs, aren’t I supposed to be limiting my carbohydrate intake to a minimum? What about other things like quinoa, I would like to have a nice potion with my meals to help me feel more full but feel nervous to consume any before I figure out this whole situation with the allowed non glutinous grains.


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    In general I don’t think you should be avoiding carbs because you need carbs to gain proper nutrition.

    As far as how much buckwheat you should be able to eat without drawbacks, my answer is pretty much as much buckwheat you could ever want to eat is just fine. The buckwheat contains prebiotics which will feed the probiotics in your gut, so should bring more benefit than detriment. The yeast survives on the food you eat, strict diet or not, so it just comes down to feeding the yeast less than with your previous diet!

    I do not think quinoa should be consumed on the diet because it is really hard to digest. I think rice is a better alternative personally.



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    Ok this I good to know, the only problem that I am running into is finding a noodle product that is 100% buckwheat. Most say that on the package but when looking at the ingredients list there is almost always some sort of wheat flour or corn in the product. I heard about soba noodles which seemed like a good addition to the diet for me but just can’t find the right one. Raster or anyone else know where to find some good buckwheat pasta, or perhaps cream of buckwheat?


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    This is the brand I get in Canada, and I would think it’s available in your local Whole Foods or organic store in the US too. It’s 100% Buckwheat.


    Here’s a link for some available in the US:

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