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    Hi everyone,

    i really need someone to help me out with a basic diet for a week, just an outline if possible,

    i have really bad brain fog, anxiety, forgetfullness headaches, white tongue/bad breath. daily and really want to try to fix this! also i have recently been having really bad pain behind my left shoulder blade (liver failing so i have read) not to mention other sytoms inculding bad dandruff intchy feet sores and armpit sores

    i feel trapped and alone.

    any help would be much appreciated.

    im also going to try and blog my journey, hopefully better that this too!



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    I would check out this post which has a general plan to get better:

    If you are interested in our strict forum food list, I would email able900.

    I also encourage you to look at other people’s various diets. I would search the words oat bran or buckwheat and see what others are eating. I would also check out the recipe section of the forum.



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    Its tough coping with all those horrendous symptoms. What are you eating at the moment? Are you taking any anti-fungals or probiotics? Its not easy, but you CAN win this battle.

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