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    I only lasted 5 days on stage 1, but I’m on stage 2 for 48 days now. I strictly stuck to the diet, but I do eat brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat.

    Currently I’m feeling great, but at times the symptoms where much worse than before the diet.

    Now my questions:

    How do you differentiate between die-off symptoms and symptoms because you ate something that fed the candida?

    Does Ionic Colloidal Silver help killing the candida?

    How do I get my hormones back on track again? My periods were always very regular and the pms manageable. The pms/die-off symptoms of my first period after starting the diet were terrible. The period lasted the normal 6 days, but 10 days later I had another period. My breast were also very sore (a problem I never had before). This period lasted 8 days. I then had 3 period free days and now it is starting again.

    The only motivation for still sticking to the diet is that I already lost 8kgs of the 12kgs that I gained since the candida symptoms started 6 years ago.

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