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    Ive been on the candida diet before, but I quit mainly because of lacking energy and not know what I should eat, so I ate alot of “shit”, in other words, I ate bacon, eggs, sausage, list goes on, just to fill in those calories, while still being carbohydrate free.

    Now, if someone could help me make a list of foods I can eat, id love it.

    I aim for these macros;
    200g protein, and 80g of fats.

    My symptoms: Seborrheic dermatitis on scalp and face, and a little bit of oral thrush.

    Now, I will follow this diet heartfully, no cheating, and follow your advice and I am not saying this to just get you to help me, but because I know I have the discipline in order to follow a diet.
    Why ? Well, mainly because I am a bodybuilder and very used to following strict diets.

    So please, help me, advice me, and I will report every week with progress, I aim to start the candida diet shortly after new-years, because I know I wouldnt like to skip the christmas-table, which is comming up soon, with my family.

    Thank you
    /A 20 years old guy that aims to be happy.

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