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    Yay!!!! I was going to post on Sunday, but this one tiny spot on my skin was still…just kinda, barely there. So I won’t say 100%, but practically!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!!

    So in my new found excitement, I thought I’d try adding one little can of herring to my dinner vegetables. I think that was on Monday? I usually have a reaction 2-3 days out…and…yes, my skin got itchy again and my one other spot swelled up. Not bad, but enough to wake me up at night! 🙁

    But really it’s not bad, and I can tell it’s already going away. I guess I just KNOW what to eat, and what NOT to eat for right now. I think the buckwheat groats is what threw me for my last loop! My YI was pretty bad, and my skin (not horrible, but noticeably uncomfortable). I went a few weeks past that, and everything cleared great!

    Just got the new Probiotics on the list, think their working great!

    Just had to tell you all that I’m doing so much better!! Praise the Lord!!! 🙂

    Especially thank you to Able, I appreciate ALL the preservers you’ve thrown me! 😉

    This “strict diet” has been life changing for me in so many ways! I can’t even imagine what my condition would be had I not found the information and friends here! 🙂 So everybody, keep hangin’ in there and DON’T give up!!!!!

    Thanks everybody!! 🙂



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    Good to hear faith…there is still progress to be made.

    I’ve felt quite spectacular lately too; I am not nearly as fatigued in the morning and have more energy and can tolerate 2 servings of fruit per day with no drawback.

    Start adding in some stage 2 food items and see if you notice any setbacks or not. Its a slow progression towards handling more junk but eventually you can eat some rice or fruit or a hamburger without any setback.



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    Congratulation !
    Keep your discipline and hard work. It will take you to the point you want to be.



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    Praise God! That is such a blessing, Faith!

    I’m so glad to hear success stories because it helps me to keep trucking along when I’m feeling weak and REALLY want to make a cupcake. 😉


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    Mmmmm…a cupcake would be so lovely!!!! Haaa! But nothing tastes as good as feeling better feels! 🙂
    But sometimes I think I’d go through a small portion of torture just for a cupcake, or a piece of pizza?
    You know, when I really want just “something”, I have a piece of Trident. It’s a real treat!!

    Thanks guys for the encouragment! Thanks Raster for all you do for others here as well.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better too!!!

    It is possible…to be free!!! 🙂

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