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    I have been on Candida diet for 6 weeks.

    Let me just say that naturopath is not an option for me, since I live in a small town. There isnĀ“t any available here and I cant afford to go to one further away.

    4 weeks I followed McCombs food list, because it just seemed more appealing with less restrictions. I cheated couple of times while on the diet. Ate some cake twice.

    As I didnt notice much improvment I started reading and thinking and decided to go more strict. Now I follow Ann Boroch food list. And I feel some improvment. Feel more evergy and more will to get on with my life every day.

    Fist 4 weeks I didnt take any supplements (couldnt affor it).
    Now I am taking Vitamin C 3000mg per day.
    I drink 2-3 cups dandylion tea a day, also at least a cup of camomille tea a day.
    For antifungal I eat 2-3 garlic gloves a day.
    I also started Humaworm parasite cleanse 7 days ago.
    I eat about 1 serving of non organic meat a week. Rest of the time I eat fish or organinc white meat (chicken, rabbit, pigeon, quail).

    I have been eating lot of eggs. I am eating eggs for breakfast every day. And I just read now, that eggs are not good to be consumed in such large quantity.

    Also I am planning to start taking kefir for probiotics. I have to go for organic cows milk, since goats is not available for me.

    I eat grain every day, rotate millet, brown rice and quinoa. Also I eat quite a lot of rice cakes, as this is my snack on the go. In a small town its impossible to buy somethign healthy on the go…

    However, 6 weeks on a diet, I was kind of hoping for more improvment…

    I just state here my major issues, the reason I went on the diet. I started to get pimples 6 months ago on the cheeks (back to teenage years). For 1,5 yeas I have dry skin patch below my left cheek, it keeps on growing bigger. Other symptoms: IBS, fatigue, brain fog, sometimes blurry vision, sometimes anxiety, poor muscle strenght.

    Any thoughts please? What could I change without spending too much?


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    What I would do is focus on supplements and your diet. You can get even stricter with your diet…for instance reduce eggs and don’t eat them for breakfast but only on weekends. Cut out brown rice and quinoa and replace with buckwheat groats. Its all about starting out strict and getting less strict over time.



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    Will try to follow your suggestions, there will be another 2 weeks though till I get my hands on some more supplements.
    Thanks raster.

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