6 weeks in, no die-off nor any change in CFS/ME symptoms, worth continuing?

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    hi, i’m 32 years old (male) and was diagnosed with CFS/ME a few months ago, after having the various symptoms (extreme fatigue, neuropathic pain, etc) for about 18 months

    some friends suggested i try the candida diet. it seemed reasonable, i drink alchohol in reasonably large quantities, i eat lots of starchy foods, and so out of desperation to get better, i didn’t wait long before i started.

    i haven’t followed the steps on this website – this is the first time i’ve been here. i have followed the advice i’ve found in various websites and books, in terms of the diet, and i’ve been taking caprylic acid as well.

    most of the recommendations i’ve seen suggested that it would be unwise to start the caprylic acid immediately, as the die-off might be too severe. one book i read suggested starting on a 400mg daily dose after one month, increasing the dose if it doesn’t appear to work, or decreasing it the die-off is too severe.

    well. i’ve been on the diet for 6 weeks now, and so for the whole of the past 6 weeks i have completely removed ALL wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, yeast and fermented products from my diet. all food i am eating has to be prepared by myself, as i’ve quickly come to learn that they put sugar in just about everything! i’ve been very strict with myself about the diet, i have as far as i can tell, been 100% clean of all of the above for the entire 6 weeks.

    being unsure as to whether or not i even have the thing, i decided i wanted to provoke a reaction, so started immediately on 2x 350mg caprylic acid tablets daily, moving up to 3x after 2 weeks.

    6 weeks in, and i still have no change in my symptoms. my CFS/ME is basically the same as it always has been, but it hasn’t gotten any worse either. i’ve definitely not experienced anything that would fit the description of “die-off”. so i’m wondering now if i even have candida – and is it worth persuing with this diet?


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    have a look at this why not start adding bicarbonate soda in the diet, avoid sugar and drink plenty of live natural yoghurt after every meal as a dessert, if you really want something sweet stick to green fruits or berries, reduce carbohydrates etc or find good grains like qunioa or cous cous with herbs as a replacement for potato and rice

    recipe for mega fungal destruction
    1 pint of water/tablespoon of bicarbonate soda with one teaspoon of lemon juice in morning before breakfast and do same before bedtime 1 pint

    even sprinkle bicarbonate on food to help with any stomach problems

    give it a shot see how you feel bicarbonate brings the body to its ph level very quickly.


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    You may not have candida. I had a friend who had alot of digestive issues, and she tried the diet for a couple weeks from her naturopath recommendation. She too had no reaction. She had no candida, and still trying to figure out what her main problem is. Though she does stay away from gluten now.

    I know that by day 4, once I was on diet 100%, I feel like crap(die-off) and my body starts reacting. My body reacts when clean even without fungicides, so you may want to look at some other possibilites. Unfortunately that probably sounds frustrating. It took over 4 years before I found out what my problem was.

    Or perhaps go to a naturopath and try some stronger fungicides.

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