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    My symptoms started 6 years ago when I turned 40 and I thought it was age related. I believed that I developed IBS when I never had any digestive problems before. The brain fog, fatigue and dry mouth I thought were a sign that I was pre-menopausal. I also picked up more than 10kg in the 6 years. It was only after finding the symptoms on this page and seeing the white coating on my tongue that I realise what my problem is.

    It is now my 5th day on the cleansing diet and I feel terrible. It is not so much the stuff that I can’t eat, but the stuff that I had to take that is getting at me. I almost gagged when I took the detox drink as it was a thick concoction. I now take teaspoons full of fibre and flush it down with water. I then follow it with the Bentonite Clay dissolved in hot water (I couldn’t find the liquid version). Currently I feel weak, bloated and nauseous, still tasting last night’s garlic and ginger mix even thou I brushed my teeth twice since. Yesterday I had terrible heartburn after eating some raw green beans. The only positive note is that I lost 3kg so far.

    I just hope all this suffering is not in vain. I can’t wait to dump the detox drink and liver flush. Any suggestion on making my life easier?


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    Definitely buy yourself a supplement called Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and take at least 250mcg per day. This is an important first step. It’ll help protect your liver from the toxins being released as you’re killing candida, and it’ll help you feel a whole lot better. I wasn’t taking it when I started the cleanse (since I was also just using the website for reference), and I felt pretty terrible until I started taking it. If you have to order it online instead of finding it at a store, it will also help to start taking vitamin C (1000mg) while you wait.

    Here is a cleanse protocol put together by some very knowledgeable members of the forum: https://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst997_Proper-and-Safe-Cleanse.aspx I personally think their version is easier and more palatable than the one on the website (for instance, you don’t have to eat a chunk of raw garlic…that stuff really stays with you!).

    If you’re having a really difficult time on the cleanse, you can also go off it and start the candida diet (stage one). Again, the forum members who put together the protocol linked above for the cleanse have also put together a protocol for the diet, as well as a food list. The protocol is here: https://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst1334_From-Able-and-Raster-The-Protocol.aspx and you can send a private message to Able900 asking him for a copy of the stricter diet list most of us on the forum are using.

    It’s a very slow process, but it really does get better eventually!


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    I can’t handle garlic at all, it makes me really nauseous so I take enteric coated garlic pills. They are one of the least expensive supplements that I take and I really believe they help. They also are a good support for your immune system. You might want to look into those.

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