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    Hi All,

    I’m 5 weeks in the forum diet and I have oral thrush, lady yeast and a few hives here and there again.

    At the 2 week mark all my symptoms seemed to have disapeared except my oral thrush which was almost all gone. At week 3, my oral trhush came back and got worst and my lady infection came back too.

    Since the 2 week mark the only food I have added are buckwheat, coconut flour and greek yogurt to my diet. I feel fine when I eat these. Not sure if this is to blame. Also I have been 5 weeks on this plan and I have not had a natural bowel movement…:S. I’m worried that I am too far gone. I think it is spreading to my nose even. Only thing left to conquer is my eyes and brain…..blood??? Scary!

    I am not really feeling any die-off either. I upped my oregano oil drop intake, doing oil pulling, put probotics on my tongue, drinking lots of lemon water to excrete toxins and taking antifungals and probiotics and the works.

    Wondering what more to do????????


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    My guess with this little bit of info would be the yogurt. It is hard to digest and some people (like me) just don’t do well on dairy. But then again, this should cause a pretty immediate reaction if its really the problem.

    The bowel problems should be taken very seriously. Without proper digestion anything you take or do will be less effective. A brown coating at the back of your tongue should indicate a toxin build up due to inproper digestion. Also, your stool should float. If its not, it has too much toxins.
    Foodwise, the easiest things you can do to try and improve your bowel movements is avoiding eating too much buckwheat or dry food in general. Or you can counter the dryness with ghee. Also avoid drinking cold water close to eating times. A water boiler is a saviour here.
    Lemon ginger tea is a great digestion improver. Eating whole chunks of ginger works great. Adding spices to you food like garlic, cayennepepper, black pepper, and asafoetida (hing) works really well. OR even better if you can deal with the taste: on an empty stomach in the morning: make a tea of on of or all together: black pepper, asafoetida, gingerpowder, and chuck it down. Again, a water boiler is your friend.

    Are you taking the probitics at a different time than antifungals?
    Is there maltodextrin in your probiotic?

    (My advice comes from my own experiences with Ayurvedic methods.)


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    Just give the diet more time. After about 2-3 months a lot of your symptoms should slowly lift away. If not, there may be other health problems that will need to address as well.



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    I have been fighting the fight of oral thrush. I found Kefir to be my saving grace. It was what healed my mouth…that and oil pulling. I even pulled with the Kefir. I found that if I just let it sit in my mouth it healed. I wish you much luck. Be patient. Don’t cheat the diet. Stay strong. It is so hard when you have a reaction in your mouth as you are having. Your whole world spins. I can’t imagine the stress of it at both ends. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Also the more raw food I ate the better the digestion was….good luck.


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    Swedish Bitters improved my digestion. I think it should help with bowel movements as well (or so I read somewhere, I had no problem with that so can’t tell). Kefir should be better than yoghurt. Eat as much of raw veggies as you can.

    More on constipation causes and remedies on this post:

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