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    Hi there,

    I started the the candida cleanse to help ease my autoimmune disease (psoriatic arthritis). The main symptom that i’m targeting is psoriasis. I am 5 weeks into the diet and the only negative thing that I am feeling is the big time bloating/constipation, which was never really an issue for me before. From what I have gathered on here, its the fermentation of the veggies in my system that is causing this situation, but how do I fix that? For dinner I had cabbage, okra and brussel sprouts and I feel like a balloon! I believe I am taking a well rounded amount of supplements but it helps to get an outsiders perspective:

    -15 Billion Probiotic Strain
    -Thorne Formula SF722
    -Thorne Bacillus Coagulans
    -Oregano Oil
    -Caprylic Acid
    -Milk Thistle
    -Betaine HCI (added this week)
    -Chelated Molybdenum (added this week)
    -Pau D’Arco Inner Bark (added this week)
    -I will be adding the bitters next week

    It is such a strange feeling to be losing weight but feeling abnormally heavy due to the bloating. Does this just sort of level itself out over time? I also should note that I take all of my supplements at the same time (before breakfast and dinner), should I be splitting them up throughout the day instead?

    Thanks guys 🙂


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    The best way to reduce is to address inflammation and improve digestion.  Improving your digestion takes a long time and so the bloating likely won’t go away for awhile.  Bloating can also be related to liver health and this also takes a long time to reverse.  Adding a digestive enzyme can help break down the foods better and you’ll get the nutrition before it feeds the bad bugs, so something to consider.  Inflammation takes a long time to reverse as well and so reduce things like coffee, pork/beef, dairy, etc. that causes inflammation if possible.  Once you get better in general its easier to manage.

    The one that made the bloating go away completely was floraster, so something to consider trying out in a few months.  I think its because its highly anti-inflammatory and it improves digestion and stomach acid levels.



    Topics: 3
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    Thank you very much for you feedback, it makes plenty sense and I appreciate it. I will be patient and look into “floraster”.

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