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    Hi, everyone!

    I just wanted to check back in and give a quick update on my progress. It’s so discouraging to never hear of anyone actually getting WELL after this diet, and I want to be sure to report good things when I have them 🙂

    So, I hit the 5 month mark the other day. Meaning that I started the ACD 5 months ago, but I’ve been slowly reintroducing for a number of weeks now. I think (I’ll have to go back and check notes later), but *I think* that I was in Stage 1 for about 3 months. I was very strict – even changing my toothpaste to make sure I wasn’t getting sugars. I only ate completely organic eggs, yogurt, kefir, and meat products. If it had antibiotics, I steered clear of it (and still do). I should also mention that, at my worst, I still only had moderate candida. Also, it seemed to be mainly triggered by pH changes related to pregnancy, although I do think I’ve had some slight symptoms for years. I just mention that to make it clear that 3 months of Stage 1 likely isn’t enough time for everyone. When I began consistently reintroducing foods, I had been symptom-free for more than 3 weeks.

    I added yogurt and kefir in after about 6 weeks with absolutely no dairy. Then, I added more gluten-free grains here and there, but still not much. I seem to have the most difficulty with too many grains. Anyway, now, 5 months in, I’m happy to report that I have been able to tolerate corn (although not too much and not too processed – like corn flakes), soy (unfermented), fresh or minimally aged cheeses (I did fresh mozarella with no vinegar first, then goat cheese), sweet potatos from time to time, beans, I’ve had Chik-fil-A waffle fries 3x (skipped grains/carbs the day after), apple cider vinegar (just tried this week and did well), and organic milk. Some may raise an eyebrow at the milk, but I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and having symptoms of calcium deficiency, even with yogurt and calcium-rich veggies like broccoli. It’s always organic, and I don’t drink a ton at a time nor do I make too many splurges in one day. I try to balance things out. So, if I have rice and beans, I’m not having milk that day, for instance. Granny Smith apples were one of the first things I reintroduced, followed by blueberries. So far, I’ve successfully reintroduced granny smiths, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, slightly under ripe strawberries, white grapefruit (1/2 at a time) and I’ve had a few fresh peaches. Again, I try to balance all these foods out, not gorge on nothing but reintroduced foods all day. My breakfasts & lunches are still pretty much the same as in Stage 1 of the diet. I get a little more flexibility with snacks or maybe a portion of my dinner.

    After success with yogurt, kefir, organic milk, fresh (no vinegar) mozarella (I’m not spelling that right), goat cheese, cream cheese, and organic milk, I decided to try a little aged cheese. So far so good. That was about 6 hours ago. If all goes well, I won’t try it again for a few days and, even then, it will be something I consider a “splurge” or a viable option in a pinch. That’s kind of how the waffle fries got in there, too. I was in a real bind in terms of what I could eat one day, not close to home, and pregnant and hungry! lol. So, I tried the fries and low and behold they went okay. I’m not running out for Chik-fil-A fries every time I turn around, though. It will be the same with the cheese. In a pinch, a mozzarella cheese stick is easy and quick. I’m not adding it where it’s unnecessary. Still plain jane with my burgers 😉

    All of my animal products are still organic. I have had non-organic milk and eggs once or twice when organic wasn’t available, but as a rule it’s organic for me. At this point I have still not introduced ANY SWEETENERS in ANY amount besides stevia and truvia (some). I have also not introduced fermented foods other than organic apple cider vinegar. No distilled vinegar. Haven’t had any gluten, either. Still using sea salt only. I only have a few reintroduced foods each day. My diet still looks largely like Stage 1, just with a few additions each day. For instance, today I tried reintroducing the aged cheese – about 1/2 serving. Everything else I’ve had has been completely Stage 1. So, it’s not like I’m eating a donut for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and McDonalds for dinner. It’s never going to be okay for me (and most likely, you) to eat that way. And all the better for us! 🙂

    So, that’s my recap. I’m VERY encouraged so far. I’m still taking around 60 billion in probiotics daily, btw.

    NOW…. announcing…. our baby has arrived!!!! Lily came 5 weeks early on August 23rd! She weighed 5 lbs. 2 oz. and is doing beautifully now. She’ll be 2 weeks old on Tuesday and is already up to 5 lbs. 8 oz. 🙂 She’s perfect. What a strange and eventful pregnancy, but what a blessed and delightful baby!

    Wondering how things will look now that my pH will (likely) return to a more normal balance now that I’m not pregnant. I’ve been pretty much symptom free for a while now. Hope that’s encouraging to some of you!!!!


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    I forgot I also added gluten-free oats recently, too. SO nice to have those back once or twice a week!


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    Wow, Hope, congratulations on the new baby, and she’s almost two weeks old. You made me smile by the way. =)

    Very happy that all is well with Lillian, I bet she’s a beautiful baby girl. Knowing you, I have no doubt she’ll be one of the healthiest children around.
    I’m also very glad to hear that your Candida is well under control, way to go on that, great job of keeping it from getting out of hand during the antibiotics and throughout your pregnancy.

    I suppose I’m at about the same place as you are with the Candida symptoms, haven’t had any at all in months now, so long in fact that I can’t remember the last symptom actually. Like you, I’m remaining pretty much on the diet. I haven’t and do not intend to reintroduce wheat, sugar or starch into my diet, ever. I’ve found that I can live perfectly happy without it, so why not, everything I need for good health I’m getting in my diet. Actually, I never really ate many sugar products other than fruit, which I ate far too much of, but at this point I’m eating only Granny Smith apples, pears, or blueberries, one serving every day. A great snack item I’ve added are millet and flax chips, so delicious you can’t get enough of these things. Michelle and I have been trying like fools to duplicate the recipe, but so far all we’ve come up with are very flat millet and flax ‘biscuits’ … but hey, they’re edible so nothing lost.

    I saw that you had added some information to Sally’s post on her concerns about being on antibiotics. I failed to mention that she should take the probiotic and antibiotic separated by several hours, so thanks for adding that as I know it’s important.

    Congratulations again, I feel like the forum should have a party or something!? lol

    Take care, Able


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    Hope congrats with your new baby and with your success in this diet! I agree, it’s hard to find many people come back with success stories or lengthy progress. As someone who’s only been on this diet for about a month this is great to hear.

    You said you only ate organic eggs, yogurt, kefir and meat products — you never ate any vegetables?

    Thanks for the update and congratulations again 🙂


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    Thank you!!! 🙂 Your messages were very sweet. Able, you’re always so encouraging 🙂 Lily is a doll and we are very, very blessed.

    Pina, I am so sorry I worded things that way! ha ha – it *did* sound like I subsisted on organic animal products for months! but, no. i ate my weight in vegetables every day! i just meant that all the animal products i ate were organic. i did not eat eggs, dairy, meat, or poultry that was not organic. i think this is significant – all those low doses of antibiotics in regular, non-organic animal products add up. I plan on continuing to stay organic with these as much as possible, although the cost is a pain. We are blessed to have a Trader Joe’s nearby that made the switch to organic animal products more possible for our family – they have very reasonable (not cheap, but reasonable) prices for organic meat, eggs, and dairy. Hope this helps clear things up!

    I ate (and still eat) 3 organic eggs with veggies nearly every morning. I’m out of eggs today, so I had a bowl of gluten-free oats w/ stevia and cinnamon instead. But, 9x out of 10, it’s eggs and some veggies. Peppers and onions go well with eggs and I also like asparagus, onion, and spinach with the eggs, too. Not a lot of variety for breakfast, but I change up the way I cook the eggs & veggies and that helps – scrambled all together, a fritatta, an omelet, over-medium eggs w/ sauteed veggies, etc.

    For lunch I nearly alway have a huge salad and, now, a glass of milk or some soft cheese with it. I love goat cheese or feta in my salads. Anyway, I obviously didn’t do that in Stage 1, but other than the cheese, my salads are all the same as they were then. I still make my own dressings with olive oil, lemon, garlic, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. Now that I approved apple cider vinegar, I imagine I’ll use that from time to time in place of the lemon juice.

    Snacks are often veggies, too. I’m able to munch on raw baby carrots and I also snack on cucumber slices and raw cauliflower. I have to be careful w/ almonds because of another health-related deal, but I ate raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds for snacks quite often in Stage 1 and still some now in Stage 2. I’d say I’m in Stage 2 still because I’m still reintroducing foods and testing how I do with them. I have no intention of introducing even a little sugar/sweetener any time soon at all.

    Hope that helps clarify 🙂 And thanks again for the sweet words!


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    Hello Kim ! My name is Michele J I live in Quebec Canada. I haven’t been well in the last year and worst this summer with a lot of candida symptoms. I have taken online tests and I always score for severe candida. I have been to a doctor, naturopath, and homeopath with no diagnosis. The homeopathy helped somewhat with symptoms but my chronic sore tonsils and a few white ulcers (which started in July) still remain. Someone suggested to get a Live Blood Analysis done from one of the best (Ted Aloisio). He diagnosed severe candida immediately.

    I have been off gluten and cow dairy for 8 years and I eat very well. I eat 95% fresh and organic fruits, veges, nuts, seeds grain and proteins (eggs,fish and meat). I’m a bit discouraged of having candida as i think i’m basically eating all the right things. On the other hand I have had alot stress in the last 18 months (mom with alzheimers) and no time to exercise or get fresh air. I’ve also always been prone to adrenal fatigue…

    I have taken some time to read everything I could put my hands on regarding where to start and what I can eat in phase-1. Two weeks ago, I have started on the Lisa Richards chart of foods to avoid/aloud. I am also taking quality probiotics from Metagenics Canada, Olive leaf, pau d’arco, quality digestive enzymes and drinking raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar. Oh and also, swallowing quality coconut oil. I just also ordered a fungicide kit from Renew Life.

    There are a few things I’m uncertain about though, as after 2 weeks on the diet and supplements, I haven’t had any “die-off”… plus, sometimes my throat still acts up which makes me wonder if I’m making mistakes !?

    Are the following foods (which are supposedly “permitted in phase 1) aloud in “large frequent” quantities ?

    – quinoa

    – almonds

    – almond butter

    – cinnamon

    – olives (in water)

    – avocadoes

    – buckwheat

    – Lakanto

    – Stevia

    – apple cider vinigar (which I purposely drink)

    – cocnut oil (which I purposely drink)

    – reishi and maitake muchrooms ?????

    Are the following aloud in phase 1 :

    – unsweetened coconut milk

    – quinoa flour

    – almond flour

    – coconut flour

    – buckwheat flour

    – tapioca

    – tapioca starch

    – amarant starch

    – baking powder

    – hazelnuts

    – pecans

    – organic tomatoes, organic tomato juice (only ingredient)

    – green beans, snow peas

    – asparagus

    – raw unpasturized sauercraut

    – kimche

    – rabbit

    – wild game

    – homemade mayonnaise (with only eggs,oil and fresh herbs)

    – paleo recipes (made with aloud selected flours)

    thanks, Michele 😀

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