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    Hi all,

    I haven’t given up or dropped off the down-under side of the planet.
    Still plugging away at the diet and after the first two weeks of extreme hunger and fatigue I now have more energy – just from leaves and avocado etc. Even went for two runs last week. Yee!!
    Have had a bit of fish and some chicken, buckwheat, oat bran, and coconut milk, but no kefir or yogurt yet.

    I still have bloating from many of my vege meals. I’m not sure what that means really. It happens to most people with beans and lentils, but why with veges only? Worse time I had was a few days ago with three hours of bloating and pain, when dinner was – cauli, rutabaga, kohlrabi, brussels and spinach.
    Do I work out what is doing it and stop eating that thing, or is it ok? (When you eat beans everyone knows what to expect and no-one ever suggests no more beans.)
    Should I have no bloating and perfect digestion at this stage or is it just getting used to all the veges and the changes? Or what?

    Die-off I understand, and I haven’t had any since the first week or so. I’m about to up my SF722 and add Oil of Oregano. (I won’t be rotating anti-fungals. I’m following dvjorge’s instructions on that one.)
    I’m taking one Mega Flora capsule daily. Have been for a week now.
    Need to check on the Protocol.

    I’m in the middle of a two week school, and have loads of homework and very concentrated all day, so have not been able to ask questions that have come to me. So just the bloating one for now! (Have food supplied at the school and had to resist a huge Japanese feast today and all the lollies and chocolates and cakes everyone is passing around. I’m actually not having any problems saying No. Avocado lettuce and coriander was all I ate for lunch today!)

    So all is going well although all my symptoms are still there. Feeling very woozy and fuzzy head, but not really really bad as it has often been . Encouraging me is my nose – which is not sticky like it has been, but still blocked feeling.This has definitely changed. My memory is better to. (Could be the fish oil.)

    Oh and I had a discharge which I don’t usually have.(Rarely but recently,once in 10 years – before the diet and not since starting.) It was for about 4 days. I had a drink after running and although it had xylitol and no sugar and I thought it was OK I later realized it had maltodextrin in it. Could that have caused an excess of fungus which resulted in external symptoms of thrush? I suppose it is thrush – also not sure as some discharge can be other things more natural. Not itchy but not thin, sticky. Dunno!!
    Is this a flare up of candida. My symptoms have always been fuzzy head, woozy, achy… and these have not been worse at the time of the discharge. I’m confused.

    Any suggestions which could help me work these thing out?

    Thanks so much.


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    Hang in there SueinOz! When all I was eating was veggies and avocado, I felt the way that you did. Now I am two months in and have been able to add kefir and buckwheat and coconut flour and having some variety in addition to the vegetables helped to calm down my bloating and gas and fogginess. You’re almost there!


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    Thanks! It is going well and has become easy. Not tempted by other’s food!!

    Still hoping someone will answer my questions though. It would help me to work out what’s happening and what to do for the best. I seem to have to ask twice for help always…

    Able and crew are you out there??!!



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    I find there is only a certain amount of food my body will take, anymore and i get bloated and gas. Like 2 coconut bread pieces fine, three or four and i get gas. Same with veggies, like today i had way too much broccoli soup and im all gas and my stomach hurts, last time i had it i had much less and i was fine.

    Camomile tea and peppermint tea are good for bloating

    x bouncy


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    I still have bloating from many of my vege meals. I’m not sure what that means really. It happens to most people with beans and lentils, but why with veges only?

    Vegetables are easily fermented, and the toxins from both living and dying Candida can cause the fermentation of certain foods which remain in the stomach for longer periods of time because of slow digestion, and of course fibrous vegetables would fit this description perfectly. The fermentation process would cause bloating, but of course you don’t want to stop eating vegetables. If you’re not already taking Swedish Digestive Bitters before your meals and/or Betaine Hydrochloride after your meals, you might try one or both of these supplements.

    I later realized it had maltodextrin in it. Could that have caused an excess of fungus which resulted in external symptoms of thrush?

    Since Maltodextrin is produced from starch, I would say yes, this could possibly cause thrush symptoms, but then so can the die-off toxins or the so-called “healing crisis” during the treatment process.



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    Thanks for replies. Thanks so much Sean.

    I am taking Swedish Bitters, just one drop as you indicated somewhere. My stools are floating still even when I only eat greens. Although coconut oil etc is definitely fat!
    I thought I should get some enzymes with only lipase as you said not to use cellulase in a post. I had a CT scan in 2009 which showed a fatty liver. Plus a pancreatic cyst. I haven’t had it checked since and no doctor seems to be bothered to check…

    ???***I have some Eagle – Digestaid, which is Betaine hydrochloride, Pancreatin, Pepsin and herbs. Looks like you think I could take them for digestion but what about the fat absorption? Do they work for fat? If not, what can I do about that?***???

    None of my symptoms have improved except my nose which is a bit less sticky at times. Maybe I have been a little less anxious and smiling more.

    I only had magnesium in my sports drink after the last two runs and had no discharge symptoms.

    The school was great and I met 30 new friends. One made sure I had food I could eat every day. Awesome as I was surviving on avocados otherwise. Big feast for 60 last night and she made 5 salads I could eat and got some organic chicken for me!!

    Also one of our instructors has cut out sugar and he says the immune system is lowered for 4 hrs after white sugar etc. Everyone had flu and colds and despite my lack of nutrition tiredness and lots of study I didn’t catch any of their colds!!

    I went to the shops today and felt dizzy, fuzzy, off balance and had blurry vision. They are the symptoms I have been fighting since 2009.

    I will keep going and hope for improvement.


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