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    I am another sufferer of this terrible condition on a long and hard journey of recovery. I realized I have a severe candida overgrowth around November 2012 after reading through tons of websites online. I knew something was wrong for a while. struggling with reoccurring yeast infections and spots on my skin on my chest and back that would turn white in the sun, white thrash on the tongue, depression, digestive problems, brain fog, I had like 80% of the symptoms on those lists. A long history of systematic antibiotics ( had about 7 pneumonias from young age till my teenage years) then birth control must have completely destroyed the fauna in my stomach.

    The recovery has been slow and difficult .this website has been great guidance and help in those times ! Thanks you! I did a five days detox cleanse with psyllium husks and bentonite clay and veggie broth, accompanied by two colonics – one in the beginning and one in the end of the cleanse. Then I went on the diet pretty diligently for 2 months. My slip ups would be nothing too major , things like a cup of latte on Christmas sale day or a handful of toasted potatoes. The symptoms were barely reducing but I knew it would take a long time , so I was prepared for it …. Then we went to a music festival in Mexico for 10 days in January. Needless to say my diet went off the roof as soon as we landed. Tequila, tortillas, cheese and cigerettes did not help. I got over toxified on the 4th day and had chills at 80 degree weather! That made me slow down a bit.

    When we got back, it took me like 2 weeks to get back to pretty much where I was before we left. Which is where I am now. Back to the strict diet and the rotating antifungals and numerous probiotics and vitamins and flaxseeds and whatnot. Some days I feel great , others like crap.

    It is scary and discouraging reading through the stories of other sufferers online. the healing process takes a long time and a lot if efforts and means.. more often than not, as soon as people thought they were healthy, by just barely introducing one of the forbidden ingredients back into the diet would lead to the spike up of the growth of the beast right away. Apparently the monster becomes dormant when under attack from the immune system and the antifungals and discharges tons of spores which are like the candida eggs . As soon as the conditions are favorable again , meaning there is food , it spurs and it stars multiplying and multiplying until it takes over the entire body…
    Dark thoughts and depression creep in , but I quickly push them away. I want to use this opportunity, this sickness to heal not only my body but my spirt as well. To appreciate the present moment, the joy from picking and preparing my own food, the awareness of my own body and how it feels and what it needs at every moment, the power to make decisions and to stick to them and resist temptations, the strength to forgive myself and accept the bad decisions as part of the process. I want to grow stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. I hope I find the strength in me to continue doing just that…

    I suppose, I just need to hear that this is curable. Are there any people out there that managed to get to the finish line ? Please share some words of encouragement !
    Thank you!!!


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    I forgot to give an account of what Supplements i am taking right now/
    Olive leaf extract pills first thing in the morning
    3 complete probiotics ( I think 5 strains 50mil each )
    A multivitamin
    Another olive leaf extract pill
    Other antifungals that I rotate every week include :
    Oregano oil , Thorne research , candida clear.

    The diet is pretty much the one on this website, I would eat tons of garlic and ginger every chance I have. Coconut oil primarily on cooking. No fruit except blackberries and grapefruit occasionally.

    Slip on potatoes like twice a month , otherwise no carbs except brown rice, coconut flour and quinoa .
    Tons if veggies, meat primarily fish , chicken and turkey , beef very rarely .
    Any recommendations or suggestion to change anything? Thank you !


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    Hey Jasmine, welcome. Most people around the forum are using a protocol and stricter diet list developed by users Able900 and raster. The protocol can be found here: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst1334_From-Able-and-Raster-The-Protocol.aspx and you can send Able900 a PM to ask him for the diet list. Following it would include cutting out the remaining fruit, as well as brown rice and quinoa and potatoes. I think they also recommend eating meat/fish twice a week or less, and eliminating beef.

    The protocol will have information and links to information about supplements/probiotics/antifungals/etc.

    I hope this is helpful!


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    I’ve been on the diet for over two months. It’s helped me feel better other then the constant bloating but it takes time. Alot of people do the strict diet which I’m sure wi heal quicker but my naturalpath said for me to eat red potatoes, and have a cheat meal once a week. As long as I’m takin my fungals and being strict 90% of the time I feel ok. I eat chicken twice a day and I don’t get a reaction, antibiotic free chicken. I eat beef once a week and even rice pasta once a week. But if symptoms are not good do the strict diet if you can for sure


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    The way I think about is…this has been a nightmare and I want out of it, so if I minimize the amount of mistakes I make (nobody is perfect, I have definitely made a few!), and stay as strict as possible with the diet and protocol to the best of my ability, I will heal faster and be healthier in the end.

    Whenever I go shopping or prepare a food, I just have to think to myself, “What are the healing properties of this food?” If the answer is, “None,” then I know I shouldn’t be having it. I abused my body quite a bit with alcohol, drugs, and garbage food, and now I have to fix the damage by putting in medicinal food only until it can handle occasional other things. The cravings and temptation also have reduced quite a bit after being strict for over 40 days.


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    I had a very wise counselor tell me at one point in my 20’s, it took you 20 years to get here, it may take that long to get well. I am not trying to be discouraging but most of us are here from years of eating the wrong things or having to take too many antibiotics or both. It will take a long time to heal your body naturally but I believe it can happen. The hardest part for me is knowing that I will never be able to go back to my old diet. I loved bread soooo much! But still, it is better than being sick… Try to imagine how great it will be when you feel better! I am already noticing a little bit of improvement. The thing to remember is when you do things naturally as opposed to medicinally, it takes a lot longer. So as the Chinese say, it is the three P’s, Patience, Patience, Patience. 🙂 Sending you good thought and hugs dear!


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