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    Hello everyone,

    Before I start I want to point out some of my symptoms and what I’ve taken.
    Symptoms: Bloating, throat hoarseness/blocked throat feeling, bad breath, tongue thrush, loud digestion, anxiety, sugar cravings,brain fog. (The last three are very minimal now).
    Treatments: H-Pylori Triple Therapy (Clarithromycin, Pantoprazole, Metronidazole), Pau d’arco capsules, Betaine HCL, Digestive Enzyme Probiotic, Multi-vitamin, Flucanozole,Oregano Oil capsules, Mastic Gum.

    I’ve been on the candida diet for exactly 3 months, my diet consists of a vegan almost all greens and herbal teas diet avoiding a lot of spices (Very acidic spicy foods are a big trigger for me). Before I started I tested positive for H-pylori after acid reflux treatment, I was given a triple therapy but before I even finished the treatment I started feeling even worse (I assumed it didn’t work) but I did not realize that it could have been H-Pylori die-off. Almost right after I read about the candida diet which I started almost immediately, I experienced die off (i.e. tongue thrush got worse, cold-like symptoms, vaginal burning, nausea, etc) and I felt like my bloating symptoms had gotten noticeably better, I don’t know if it was the diet or the antibiotics since I basically started right after I finished my course of antibiotics. Ever since, I have bloating flare-ups after eating lunch only(it doesn’t happen when I eat breakfast for some reason – it never has), sometimes my flare-ups are very minimal or they can be very strong (never as strong as before the diet though). Two months into the diet, I decided to go to the doctor and see if I could get a prescription for an anti-fungal for my tongue thrush since I don’t know if it’s esophageal candida or H-pylori causing the thrush and my bad breath. Flucanozole worked somewhat for the front part of my tongue, it manages to stay cleaner a lot longer but not for the back part of my tongue which is where all of it is and my throat hoarseness is still the same!

    Fast forward to now, I am still following the diet and added mastic gum to my regimen since I’ve heard it does wonders for H-Pylori but so far no results, I still have flare-ups right after eating lunch. In a few days I plan on returning to my doctor to retest for my H-Pylori and if I do come up positive would you guys recommend taking a quadruple therapy? Along with nystatin for tongue thrush? I know antibiotics make your candida worse but I am so desperate, my bad breath is a daily struggle to deal with and my diet is so restricted sometimes I feel dizzy because I don’t get enough nutrients/protein.

    When I do go back to normal eating – I don’t know when that will be, I intend on maintaining a low processed sugar vegan diet and eating as clean as I can (i.e. low oil, organic gluten-free foods and no bread!)
    Thank you!

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