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    So I am just about 3 months in on the strict forum diet now, and things have generally been going well. I have felt much better… until the past week or so.

    The main symptoms that I struggled with before have returned now:
    – sticky stools (sorry!) – mostly formed, but leave a real mess to wipe
    – passing of small stringy like, mucous looking stuff (sorry again…)
    – urgency to go, and have to go numerous times
    – smelly gas (kind of sulfury)
    – stomach ‘on edge’ with lots of gurgling, discomfort, etc

    I thought I had a handle on this, but am super frustrated now.

    Some other things to note:
    – ringing/blockage of my left ear has been getting increasingly worse over the past month or so, and nothing seems to help this
    – I had acupuncture a few days ago and my die off the next day was like it was right at the beginning – really bad, couldn’t do anything all day, stiff limbs etc. I have had acupuncture for a while and never had such a reaction (not sure if it was due to the treatment or something else).
    – feel like I am generally more congested – though not sure if this is just seasonal allergy or not.

    So, in the past few days I have moved the diet back to basically the start – really just the veggies on the strict diet list plus chicken, but symptoms are still here… thinking maybe I have built an allergy to one of these foods? I wouldn’t be surprised if I had leaky gut, but I am really eating very simply right now, it is crazy.

    I have also stopped drinking kefir, taking probiotics and antifungals in the past few days just to try to narrow it down some.

    Any ideas/did you guys get setbacks like this? I am just frustrated as I’ve stuck to the diet so carefully…thanks in advance


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    First, in my opinion it is a big mistake to stop both the kefir and the probiotics. Which probiotic were you taking and at what amount?

    You also stated that you had “moved the diet back to basically the start.” Please list all the foods that you had added to your diet before moving it back to the start.



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    Hi Able-

    thanks for the quick response. In regards to the probiotics, I don’t plan to stop these for long – but i did experience some similar symptoms when I started the HMF Neuro a few weeks ago, so thought that might be it (MegaFlora was fine for me)

    To answer your questions:

    1) probiotics – started on MegaFlora 20 billion, was taking 2/day until finished, then started HMF Neuro, 1 per day so far. Was drinking a fair bit of homemade milk kefir all along – probably about a pint per day give or take.

    2) as for the added foods:
    – teff flour and whole grain teff
    – coconut flour (bad reaction, so stopped immediately prob 2 months ago)
    – stablized rice bran
    – hemp protein powder, and raw hemp butter (refrigerated)
    – ghee
    – coconut milk kefir (only made once, no noted reaction)
    – fish
    – chicken
    – shrimp (had once, no noted reaction)
    – teas – nettle, chamomile, roobios, peppermint, milk thistle, chicory
    – stevia (both liquid and powder with inulin)
    – coconut aminos
    – yogurt (plain – mine had 6 gr sugar per serving – Strauss brand)
    – alcohol free flavors (e.g. vanilla, peppermint, bitter almond oil) – all Frontier brand, mostly used this in my kefir
    – kombucha – know this isn’t on the strict diet, but I read posts on here that said it was beneficial given the probiotics in it (make it myself, low sugar content)

    Other than that, here are the supplements I currently take:
    – ashwaganda
    – triphala
    – takesumi supreme (dr. recommended – carbonized bamboo)
    – bentonite clay (dr. wanted me to finish the bottle)- taken with crushed chia seeds
    – daily bitters (gaia brand alcohol free)
    – oil of oregano (rotated with below)
    – grapefruit seed extract
    – SF722
    – vitamin c tablet with bioflavonoids
    – chelated molybdnum
    – chelated solamins – mineral pill by Solgar



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    I am thinking you are experiencing liver symptoms which generally make you feel bad. I also noticed you are not taking many liver supplements…only molybdenum. The liver is the most important thing to keep in good condition in my opinion to get over candida and its hard to keep it in good shape. Even a year later being mostly symptom free, my liver bounces back and forth daily and weekly and it causes me to feel good and bad.

    Next time you do acupuncture, tell them to do liver points and you should notice a big improvement. The kidneys are also something to be slightly concerned about…this is likely one of the causes of your frequent urination problem. The kidneys drain into the liver and they are very much related to each other.

    It seems to me that the toxins are building up in your body and you need them to be released but you are experiencing a bottleneck.

    Hope this helps.



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    Thanks, Raster.

    Yes, my acupuncturist is always telling me my liver pulse is week, so we often work on that. I do wonder if that is why I got such bad die off this last appt. Also same in terms of working on kidney/spleen.

    Interesting what you are saying… sounds like you think it is less food related and more toxins.

    Can you recommend some other liver supplements?

    I have previously tried milk thistle pills and chanca piedra pills(though think this is more kidney support). Not taking these right now though.

    Maybe I should also up the dosage of bentonite clay and Takesumi – as both are used to expel toxins. thoughts? I only take them once a day right now.

    Finally to clarify – in my original post re: symptoms I meant increased frequency and urgency of #2, though I do also have to urinate a ton as well. To your point – it is closely connected.


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    Sounds like you are still experiencing die-off and bm’s can increase as your digestion improves and as more candida dies. It can actually morph into IBS as you are detoxing but should improve in time.

    Milk thistle is a great liver supplement. There’s one I take that is stronger called super milk thistle x by integrative thereaupitcs.

    Here is another liver supplement:

    Here are some other liver cleansing supplements:

    And there are more that I don’t know about.

    Drink plenty of water of course.



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    Thanks for the reco’s, Raster – much appreciated


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    Hi again-

    Two weeks later, and I am still really struggling here… Symptoms that returned (described in original post) have not subsided for more than 24 hours. Makes it super hard to stick to this strict diet when the results are no longer there. As reported, I stripped back all test foods, and am mainly eating homemade broths with lots of cooked veggies and also some lean meats (white fish and chicken breast), and salads.

    Wondering if you guys have any other ideas?

    Also – I am not trying to poke holes in the strict forum diet as it gave me fast, albeit temporary results, but curious as to your thoughts on what I am repeatedly hearing from 3 different acupuncturists/TCM practitioners (3 that do not work in same location/do not know each other). I was getting multiple opinions, turned out there is remarkable consistency in what they are telling me.

    Specifically, they keep telling me that I should stop eating all raw/cold foods given my pulse/tongue diagnoses. They describe me as ‘cold/damp with phlegm’ which is a Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis that closely aligns with candida, though in fairness i am not 100% sure I have candida – Dr. said ‘definite possibility, so try the diet’, which worked for a while. Anyway, the TCM folks are are encouraging me to adopt more of a diet suited to this ‘damp/cold’ diagnoses, which is similar to our candida diet in many ways but also includes things like rice, some stewed fruits, certain grains (very specific ones – not wheat) – all of which are ‘warming/drying’ foods. Again – this doesn’t mean the food is literally ‘warm/dry’, or that I am literally ‘cold/damp’ – that is more the descriptors they use in Chinese Medicine.

    I am thinking about combining the ideas a bit – stop eating salads, raw foods, etc, but am nervous to try things like rice, stewed fruits etc. If I were to try some of these foods, how much do you think it might set me back? I am guessing I would know within a day how I react to it.

    thanks again for the replies, you guys are a great help.


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