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    Went to dentist today to have crown seeded. I spoke about the thrush/candida to her some more. I told her how I get instant tingling reaction in my mouth when I eat something I should not. Wonder if she could see thrush in mouth, tongue etc. She checked mouth and said it looks good as did ENT and MD. So now is it in my head? I have to confess this weekend we went away skiing for the weekend. We were sitting in the lodge watching football and everyone was eating fresh popped popcorn. I couldn’t resist. I had a small bit…no reaction…I had more…no reaction…I probably at a full cup and half full of popcorn. My mouth was burning and tingling a bit. However no huge reaction. I’m back to having dry mouth again so I’m assuming it was another bad/stupid choice.

    Wonder why medical community tells me I don’t have it and then I have these reactions in my mouth.

    My dentist was going to read more medical journals and get back with me and told me to just stick with the diet I’m doing here πŸ™‚

    Such is life.

    I walked around lake 3 mile hike. First day exhausted.
    Second day no problem other than the snow and icy roads.
    Wonder if I’m getting stronger…or if I ate breakfast the 2nd day and only had a bite of yogurt the 1st day? So many variables?

    Then I gained weight 1-2 lbs. But did not eat anything but popcorn LOL.

    Can’t seem to figure this whole jigsaw puzzle out.

    Happy New Year to you all πŸ™‚


    PS: Back to oilpulling kefir helps immediately πŸ™‚


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    Jackie2 wrote: Happy New Year to you all πŸ™‚
    PS: Back to oilpulling kefir helps immediately πŸ™‚

    And the same to you, Jackie. Here’s to happiness and a complete return to perfect health being yours in the year 2012.

    The problem with the popcorn was probably a double-hitter. First the corn which of course could have fed the Candida, but just as bad may have been the salt. Do you know what type of salt was used on the popcorn? The problem with this is that, if it was normal table salt, chances are that it may have contained Dextrose as an added ingredient. Table salt that contains iodine also contains Dextrose to stabilize the iodine.

    Glad to see the oil pulling with kefir continues to work well for you.



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    I went to the doctor over a month ago with complaints of oral thrush and a possible yeast infection. She checked me out and proceeded to recommend an antibiotic. Grrr…

    At least your dentist is willing to listen! Mine gave me the impression that she thought I was a hypochondriac. πŸ™

    It really messes with you when you seek the advice of an doctor and they deny there is anything wrong with you (when you know in your heart there is something wrong).

    Stick with what you’re doing! I hope we all reach the point where Able is and can start enjoying other foods again without a reaction! πŸ™‚



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    With foods like corn, your body may not react to it immediately. However, it can lead to consequences when you digest it.

    Like able said, the main problem is likely the salt which is present.

    I was really gassed early on with the diet and then I started to get more energy as I got healthier.

    One reason you gained weight is that corn has a lot of energy and was not burned up by the body right away. It was thus stored for later use. This is how you gain weight; by ingesting foods high in sugar!



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    Yes I figured the popcorn high in sugar. However I’m walking
    3to6 miles a day…oh well. Getting back on track and keep learning the hard way… Need to get focused. Being able to grab yogurt, drinkkefir has ch otten easy. Not cutting and chopping like I was need to get back to eating more rae foods. Getting lazy

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