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    Hey Guys/Girls,

    I started the Candida Diet and taking Syntol 25 days ago, and I haven’t felt any relief of symptoms so far.

    The Syntol seems to go through periods of making me really irritable and quick fused anger, i usually never get angry. Then light headed and a bit spacey.

    And thrush on my body hasn’t improved at all, so would you suggest switching Anti-fungal treatments?

    I’d hate to give up on Syntol, considering it says at day 45 all traces of Candida in blood should be gone.

    However I’m just feeling so defeated and hopeless with the results so far, I don’t really feel like I’m on track to any improvement over the next 25 days.

    But I dont know anything about it, so its all a mystery.

    would you suggest switching Anti-fungal treatments?


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    Hi ryanbard,

    So have you talked to your provider about switching antifungals?

    I wish I knew more about that one to give you feedback but I’m not even on one. My provider says they’re not helpful and are just bandaids. But I’m starting to wonder about a second opinion on that since my diet and natural supplements route is doing nothing after four months.

    I do wonder if you should be seeing improvement by now. Let me know if you find out anyth─źng!




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    The following foods need to be eliminated from your diet:
    Foods To Avoid:

    All cow’s milk products: cheese, yoghurt, whey – all cow’s milk derivatives.
    All yeast products: alcohol, bread, (soda bread is allowed), Marmite, Oxo, Brovril, vinegars, mushrooms, processed and smoked fish, and meats.
    All sugar products: honey, fructose, lactose, glucose, dextrose, Nutrasweet, Caderel, Equal and all saccharin products.
    Nearly all fruit: over-ripe fruits are full of sugar and yeast (hence they go mouldy when over ripe).

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