20 year old, possibly Candida. Which supplements to purchase?

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    Hello Im new to these forums.

    I am a 20 year old male, underweight (118lbs at 5″7). Every morning I wake up and I have an unpleasant sensation in my mouth, therefore I rinse out with water into a glass and in the glass is a cloudy yellow-ey substance. After doing some research I discovered this must be Candida. Furthermore, I do have symptoms of Candida, such as brain fog, constant fatigue/tiredness, bloated, lack of appetite, acne on back etc. I have not been to the doctors about this yet though.

    Anyway, I have been doing research on the web and cannot come to a conclusion on what supplements to purchase to help treat this. Like, which is the best probiotic to take with a good amount of bacteria? I heard of Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 billion (or the 100 billion ones) are quite good. Also I have heard of VSL#3 which contains 450 billion. Anyone ever tried these? Also I have heard of Thorne Research – Formula SF722 which apparently helps with Candida. I need some opinions on these, or other supplements suggested.

    I am guessing my Candida is in my gut and is quite severe judging how the cloudy substance forms in the glass right away when I rinse my mouth in the first thing in the morning. I am sick of being tired all the time, and having no appetite and high levels of anxiety, unable to sleep proper etc. I need to be cured. Please help :(.


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    Coconut oil is for sure going to kill candida.


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    First I would recommend that you visit a functional medicine doctor and get lab tests to make sure it is candida.
    If you have candida for many years it will be extremely difficult to cure it. I have it for over 20 years and I still haven’t cured it. In my experience most supplements are a waste of money, but sometimes I notice a nice die off from grapefruit seed extract.

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