19 yo male here. Believe I have candida. Help please?

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    Hi everyone, I’m brand new to the website and I have been led to believe that I have candida due to some really odd symptoms. I have extremely bad food sensitivities and they have been horrible ever since I was 16 years old. I can’t eat anything without getting a splitting migraine that persists for days, it’s so damn ridiculous. I’m intolerant primarily to gluten, fruit (not as terribly), even a lot of gluten free breads, corn, potatoes, dairy (except eggs), almonds as of recently, many other foods too including stuff like bacon. I’m down to unseasoned rice and meat for all my meals. I have dropped about 40 lbs this year, because I have cut out so many food options. Initially I believed I had celiacs, fructose malabsorption, or parasites. But honestly I don’t ever feel much abdominal pain, or diarrhea. I mostly get constipated and I get bloated when I eat something I can’t tolerate too well. Besides most of the conditions I believed I had with the exception of parasites presented very isolated forms of intolerance to certain foods; not as wide range as my symptoms. I also have many other symptoms that has led me to believe I have candida, including the fact that I have battled dry skin for years! It has improved since I’ve improved my diet but I remember one instance when I was 16 years old and my face was crusted from how dry my skin was; I also had a bad itchy rash when I was like 10 on my scrotum. I also even have some dry skin near my genitalia still, not severe though.

    Anyhow someone please help? Do y’all think I have candida? I’m out of possible explanations? Furthermore, what can I eat if I do have this? I don’t want to drop anymore weight, I’m already at 145 and I’m 6’0 tall. Also recently I have been detoxing with a powerful parasite cleanser, which has anticandida properties, along with diatomaceous earth and a colon cleanser. Since doing this my energy has improved and I’m on week 2 currently. Still though I would like to eat some foods! I’m starving, and I don’t want anymore splitting migraines. Anyone know of the most conservative candida diets? I have seen a lot online and they’re very contradicting, for example some recipes will include fruit, bacon and almonds. I was led to believe that this was bad, so what gives? Well thanks in advance, please I encourage a lot of commenting! I’ve been in dire straits, I’m severely depressed since restricting my diet so heavily. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi, I have had the same sympthoms, maybe not so bad. I was intolerant to most dairies and to fruits and vegatables. It took me also long to find out that it is candida, but from there it was much easier. When you actually know what you face with it, there are tons of possibilities. First, I’ve changed my diet completely. I became vegan. It is something trendy to do anyway, so it was not that diffcult. The other important thing is the inner cleansing. My doctor suggested colonix, but I could not do that. I started to search for alternatives and found these tablets: Naturalmax Enerix & Vitalix. It is a complete colon cleanse and detoxifying program, and very good. After taking these for a few weeks, some of my problems disappeared, and I had much more energy. No wonder, as my candida level decreased by 30%. So don’t worry, there is a way out…

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