10 Weeks!

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    Today is day 77 for me, so it’s my 10-week candidaversary. I haven’t been writing updates here, but I figure that since I’m bummed on the die-off I’ve been having this week, it’d be a good idea to focus on some good things that have been happening.

    My most pressing symptoms that spurred me to start dealing with my candida overgrowth were fatigue, brain fog, apathy, endless irritability (like hating my awesome job/house/garden/friends/pets/everything, all the time, for no discernable reason), a sort of intangible systemic feeling of stagnation (I would have drained all my blood and refilled it with new stuff, if that had been an option), a combination of sluggish digestion and a complete lack of solid bowel movements, insatiable cravings (not just for sweets, for everything), and tinea versicolor on my upper arms/shoulders. Things that I later realized are probably also symptoms: occasional acne, gnarly PMS/menstrual pain, uncharacteristically low libido, and my on-going inability to lose weight.

    I did the cleanse portion of the diet for essentially 3 weeks, and I’ve been on Able’s strict diet since then. The majority of what I eat is vegetables: probably 2/5 cruciferous, 2/5 leafy, and 1/5 other (zucchini, eggplant, rutabaga, etc). I also eat gluten-free oat bran, teff, buckwheat, and coconut products (oil of course, plus “manna,” flour, aminos, milk, flesh [dessicated and fresh], and homemade kefirs from both coconut milk and coconut water). I don’t actually eat the approved grains every day, but probably 5 or 6 days a week. I’ve been eating a few eggs a week since my pet hen started laying again a few weeks ago. I make and eat sauerkraut and kim chi regularly. Technically, I have cheated three times: we’re growing peas in my garden, and I’ve eaten 3-5 immature pea pods on three separate occasions. Otherwise, I haven’t eaten anything that isn’t either on the diet list or been approved through discussion on the forum.

    I’ve found that eating too many eggs in a day (more than four, ish) gives me abdominal discomfort. Eating a lot of the approved grains makes me hungrier and more sluggish than eating them less often.

    I’d been feeling like my die-off had pretty much subsided around two weeks ago, so I stopped taking MAAC every day, reducing to every other day. At this point, I feel this was a mistake. For the past few days, my tonsils have been swollen, I’ve had either a runny nose or congestion at any given moment, I have craaazy brain fog, and I’ve felt generally flu-like and tired. It seems that this may be a result of die-off toxins sneaking up on me, since I wasn’t properly assisting myself in getting rid of them. The other x-factors are that I started biotin this week, it’s been really warm out, and I went to Disneyland this past Monday. Biotin can cause die-off, warm weather in winter in Southern California means Santa Ana winds blowing pollen into my face, and Disneyland is full of yucky germy people, so it’s hard to say exactly what is causing these symptoms. (I haven’t had seasonal allergies since I quit eating gluten two and a half years ago, though, so the allergy option seems somewhat less likely to me.) Regardless of the cause, I will be pleased when these symptoms are gone. I’m back to taking MAAC every day, and I’ve upped my vitamin C from 3000mg/day to 8000mg/day to help things along.

    But there are good things! A lot of them, actually. My fatigue has improved somewhat. I’m waking up with the sun again, which I love, and this is normal for me. I’ve escaped the cloud of misdirected irritability, anger and apathy. I no longer have that generalized feeling of stagnation and “ickiness.” My unhealthy cravings are gone. In fact, I wake up most mornings wanting salad or sauteed veggies. My digestion is gradually improving (both in thoroughness of nutrient absorption, I believe, and in speed). My period this month was less painful and a whole day shorter than usual (!!!), which is just goddamn amazing. My tinea versicolor has flattened out completely. It was never very noticeably raised, but I can see a difference. A friend commented yesterday that it appears the spots are smaller, but it could also just be that as my tan continues to fade, the untanned spots may be less sharply visible.

    Brain fog (feeling easily overwhelmed, especially), breakouts, low libido, and mid-day/evening fatigue are still ongoing issues, but three out of four of those things can be die-off symptoms, and the other doesn’t really matter, currently, so I’m not worried about it. I’m also not concerning myself with my weight, which has been pretty steady since the cleanse, although I am still overweight. Overall, I’m pleased with how things are progressing. It’s a slow process, but it makes sense to me that years of bad decisions can’t be turned around in a few weeks.

    Thanks to everyone for keeping the discussions here alive and lively. Reading and being part of the forum helps me stay focused. And thanks especially to the “experts:” your willingness to share your experiences, research, knowledge, and (above all, perhaps) your time is indispensable. You’re beautiful!

    I apologize for the wordiness of this post. Brain fog makes me so much less concise.


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    Thanks for the post!

    Sorry for dragging you to Disneyland and exposing you to germy little children, LOL. I hope it was worth it 😀

    Anyway, yay us! 10 weeks!! We rock, and we (and everyone else on here committed to getting rid of this shit and improving their health) are just gonna keep getting better and better as we go on our anti-candida journeys. Woo hoo!


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    The mere fact that I was willing to go to Disneyland and risk being around wretched, germy little children speaks volumes about how improved my mental state is!


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    Congratulations, Shay.

    77 days, wow, I swear it doesn’t seem like you’ve been here that long, although when I remember some of the helpful and informative replies I’ve seen you leave for other members, it makes sense.

    Your symptoms seem to be improving pretty much along the line of expectation in my opinion with no big or unusual problems I noticed in your descriptions.

    One note about your die-off symptoms which seem to be your biggest problem right now. You may want to consider purchasing a bottle of Candida by Native Remedies to substitute for part of the molybdenum amounts – if you think your die-off is going to continue or if it’s too bothersome. With the Candidate, you could probably cut the dose of molybdenum in half. Candidate works on more of an immediate basis, so I used it often and really liked its response more than the moly, but of course the liver especially needs moly during times of heavy toxins.

    Thanks for taking so much interest in the forum now that you’re fully familiar with the treatment and probably don’t really need the forum that much for yourself any longer. Just know that the members appreciate the time you put in here – and so do I.



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    My MAAC is 500mcg instead of 250, which is why I was trying to take it less often. I’ll look into getting Candidate and then test my pill-splitting abilities with the molybdenum.

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Able.


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    Congrats Shayfo!

    It’s nice to hear of progress being made. Especially for us newbies!!
    Good for you and Keep it up!!!!


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    Good on you shayfo! Congrats and thanks for posting your story.
    Cheers 🙂


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    Awww…you made me homesick. I was born in Southern California (Palm Springs) and went to Disneyland many times with my mom. (I live in Florida now.) Sounds like you are on your way to being well!


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    Thanks for all the nice words, everybody 🙂


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    That’s so rad Shay! You’ve been super helpful for me on the forum too, so thanks for that!

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