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    The yeast syndrome or chronic candidiasis is the result of an immune fail that is aggravated by triggers such as antibiotics, hormonal pills, etc.
    If the immune system is strong, it keeps candida in check. If the immune system is strong, candida infections can be controlled and cured with a short antifungal treatment.

    Here are 12 important aspects to consider during your journey to eliminate it and restoring the immunity.

    These aspects are mentioned in papers written by Dr. Sherry Rogers, a famous holistic allergist specialized in environmental illness.

    1- Inhalants, pollens, dust, dust mites, molds, animal danders, and similar pollutants. AVOID THEM.

    2- Food Allergies creates havoc to the immune system creating antibodies that never end when you eat the food offender. AVOID FOOD THAT YOU REACT TO IT.

    3-Chemical Sensitivities. Detergents, household cleaners, and chemical products that cause you to feel bad or react to them. AVOID THE USE OF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS WHEN YOU ARE BATTLING THIS SYNDROME.

    4- Candida Albicans. The amount of metabolites presented to the immune system during a yeast infection create havoc and the symptoms most of us feel. ELIMINATE THE YEAST WITH A PROPER TREATMENT.

    5- Nutrition. Proper nutrition is necessary to a healthy immune system. Get the best nutritional food you can afford and avoid junk food.

    6- Hormone hypersensitivity. Keep a medical track to your hormonal levels if possible. Hormones, when unbalanced, disrupt the immune system.

    7- Toxicity. Mercury, Lead, and other heavy metals drive the immune system overactive in a Th2 mode and decrease or neutralize Cell-mediated immunity. Eliminate amalgams replacing them with other type of fillings. Follow a chelation therapy if you have high levels of heavy metals.

    8- Stress. Emotional, mental, and physical stress depress the immune system. Reduce stress using relaxation technics and rest.

    9- Sugar. Reduce or eliminate refined sugar. Sugar depresses the immune system.

    10- THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THE 10 !!! Patient compliance. Respect the treatment. Be positive and follow the protocol you and your Dr have chosen. This is the most important part of any treatment. Be 100 % dedicated to get well.


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