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    rambolincoln;55364 wrote: Everyone is different? Is there someone who can survive drinking water and only water? Is there someone who can subsist on a diet of bread and rice? Maybe there is someone else who can live on drinking various flavors of soda pop?

    The answer is not that we are not “all different”. We are the same species, who share near identical chromosomes. Our ancestors are meat eaters. Our bodies are adapted to eat meat. Like other carnivores, we have fairly simple digestive systems well suited to the consumption of animal protein, which breaks down quickly. Humans find cellulose totally indigestible, and even plant eaters have to take their time with it. There is two million years of evolution behind the argument that our bodies are adapted to eat meat.

    The idea that some people need to consume fats, proteins and vitamins found in meats, and some people do not, is nonsense. Naturopaths often find that vegetarians and vegans are often sickly, tired, with weak immune systems (Source: Mark A. Stengler, NMD). Also see: The Scary Truth About Vegan Diets

    Don’t go overboard, and cut down on red meat if you must, but it is more important that you cut processed foods out of your diet than to cut out meat. Meat and its byproducts are one of the more essential parts of building an effective immune system.

    In my opinion, the inclusion of meat is important if you have a serious life-threatening condition like Candidiasis. Your diet is already limited. You are starving yourself of sugar and breads. Starving yourself of meats is over the line

    The vegan/vegetarian lifestyle a radical experiment, which is unnatural. Sure, it might be possible for a healthy body to adapt to something it was not meant to do, and go through leaps of complex processes to create the basic essential things it needs so that you can keep living through the day. But if you have the systemic form of candida growing in your organs, then you do NOT have a healthy body.

    Think logically. The people telling you to do this diet were healthy when they started this vegan/vegetarian experiment. If you have candida overgrowth you are not healthy. Why would you want to continue on a radical experiment to deprive yourself of proteins, fats, and nutrients when you have a serious systemic condition like Candidiasis, caused by a weakened immune system, which could easily take your life?

    Sure we are different. Why do you think some people have candida and some haven’t? There are a lot of vegetarians that don’t have candida and there are a lot of meat eaters that do have candida.
    My mother is ‘kind of’ vegetarian, besides the fact that she does eat fish from time to time. She is almost never sick.
    Sure, a vegetarian diet can contribute to a candida infection and for most people it is indeed recommended to eat a bit of meat. But this isn’t an absolute fact. And yes, your body can adapt to this lifestyle. There are people in Alaska who only eat fish THEIR ENTIRE LIFE.
    The majority of the people with a candida problem have an issue that has nothing to do with their diet. The fact that a disease is caused by a certain diet kind of makes me laugh.


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    The fact that a disease is caused by a certain diet kind of makes me laugh.

    How is the idea that a certain diet can degrade the immune system, the body, and lead to disease absurd? I don’t think it’s absurd that eating unhealthy can lead to disease. What you eat affects your entire body. If someone led an unhealthy diet of fast food and alcohol, I don’t think any nutritionists or doctors would be particularly surprised when it leads to a disease.

    The argument you put in support of vegetarian/vegan diets is that your mother is “kind of” a vegetarian, but eats meat sometimes, and she never gets sick… so being a vegitarian/vegan must be perfectly healthy and this extremely sick person who made this thread should continue on her path of cutting out fats and animal proteins.

    We have a doctor who basically treats candida for a living telling us that the vegetarians/vegans he sees with candida overgrowth are harder to treat than meat eaters. Maybe, just maybe, the direct experience of dealing with such cases is better evidence than an antidote about a ‘kind of’ vegetarian mother, or Vegan Catlady’s independent research that vegetarianism/veganism is perfectly fine and healthy.

    Did Catlady read anything about meat eaters who were extremely sick going on a veg diet, and building their immune system back? Has your mother ever been deathly ill, cut out meats, and land back on her feet? I would bet that the promoters who are writing to you online and in diet books about the healthy super great vegetarian/vegan lifestyles probably weren’t on their death beds when they went veg and decided to write those articles toting the fruitful benefits of excluding meat.

    The fact is that vegan/vegetarianism is the “ultimate diet fad” here, not the suggestion to eat meat. Cutting out meats is unnatural. The natural diet of humans through history includes meat. My suggestion is for her to STOP her diet, not to go one one.

    In the Scary Truth About Vegan Diets, the text concludes with:

    [indent]Eventually, Crosby Helms, Stubbart, Floyd, and Farrell all tried eating meat and/or dairy again, this time conscientiously dining on grass-fed, organic fare. “I felt deeply satisfied after my first bite of fried eggs and cheese,” says Floyd, who no longer deals with crazy cravings and now has “awesome” cholesterol–which she links, ironically, to a return to eggs and bacon. A year after forgoing veganism, Farrell revisited her doctor. “My thyroid was running normally again, my nervous system was balanced. I felt like myself again. Why didn’t I stop sooner?”[/indent]


    Vegan Catlady
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    Im being “goaded” int to a debate about veganism that Im not looking for.

    I have cured myself of some disease going vegan.

    I wont debate it, because it stands on its own with zero help from me.
    If you dont wanna be vegan, dont. Its all good.

    Your entitled to your opinion, but calling your opinion fact is simply a lie.
    Your entitled to eat as you wish, but implying that you have the only answer is irresponsible at best.

    Anyone wanting to go vegan can have my support, and I am here to be of value.

    Anyone who couldnt care less about it still has my respect, everyone should make decisions that are right for them.

    Anyone who wishes to drag me into a debate and say things about me that are really stupid, you can try… but my respect went out the door. It is what it is.

    Nutritionfacts.org is one of my fave sources for dietary info.

    Im glad you have your sources as you quoted (?), but you cant pay me enough to check them out or read your posts in full, because Im on a very different journey. One that doesnt require that you believe as I believe.

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