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    that is the only probiotic that i can buy in this country, I live in the philippines and people are not even aware of what probiotics is. im just really frustrated because i know my probiotic is so weak and i feel like giving up, garlic is the only antifungal that i use,and i am reluctant coz im afraid that it may worsen my body odor,, im just so depressed like now,, help me please im just a student, i should be enjoying my life but right now i jst feel sad and unloved.. i just dont have these enough resources.. DAMN IT!


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    Is there any way you can pay for something in another country and have it shipped there? I recommend the renewlife probiotic.

    Here are some other anti-fungals if you can get your hands on them:

    Aloe Vera
    Black Walnut
    Caprylic Acid
    Grapefruit Seed
    Olive Leaf Extract
    Oregano Oil
    Oregon Grapes
    Pau d’Arco

    There is hope, it just might be costly!

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