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Just about everything I’ve seen on here adds a piece to the puzzle in one way or another. The one thing I do know:
There’s an auto-immune disease going on and overuse of antibiotics from too many sinus infections, Hep C, tooth infections and exposure to high concentrations of mold has caused candida overgrowth. Therefore, whatever the underlying disease, it’s going be be worse and more difficult to fight with all this candida.

I agree with Raster on one of his previous posts where he mentioned several of us have liver problems going on with this.
Trying to go a comprehensive physical/social/environmental record for a doctor makes my head swim. I was raised on a farm, lived and worked in the agricultural area 99% of my life so have been exposed to every chemical that goes along with that, thus chelation on top of everything else.

I wish I hadnt waited so long to learn all this stuff. Testing for RA/Psoriatic Arthitis, Lupus,MS and all come back negative one test so more to come because they cannot get an accurate diagnosis from simple lab tests. Still it goes back to candida and toxins. The candida was the beginning of this mess and it’s all overwhelming when you’re literally fighting for your life.

One day at a time…………I even ordered PH test strips and have no idea what to do with them. I ordered peroxide and haven’t used it because of the info posted on here (thank you:) that it causes candida to get worse.

We’re all digging for answers and doctors don’t have them, sadly they created much of this mess when homeopathic medicine was booted out in the 60s. I pray one day we’ll all be posting on here that we’ve found something that works, are all improving and/or well and back to life again:)