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Oh? I thought Progest and Swedish bitters only digested food, and I thought Candex and Biofilm Defence only digested biofilm walls build by candida? I take alcohol free Swedish bitters with every meal to help digest my food and get the nutritions. But these 2 products claim to remove the Biofilm protecting the Candida, that’s why I wanted to buy them to take them 30 minutes before food, then during food take my Betaine HCL and Swedish bitters and Antifungals (sf722, Coconut oil, garlic, ginger).

So would you say that Swedish bitters and Progest also destroy the Biofilm? If so theres no need to buy this, although I only take a drop Swedish Bitters each meal.

And as for curing the overgrowth I hoped it would help breakdown the Biofilm so the antifungals can kill the protected Candida too.
But ofcourse I take alot of other stuff too, like probiotics, vitamins, minerals, fishoil, antifungals, detox supplements, betaine hcl, bitters.