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to answer your question Able.. I took molybdenum for a while, but only when needed. I eventually stopped, on most days, because my die-off had really subsided. I don’t think I needed any when taking the SB, so I probably did not take it during the week I was on SB. I feel like rather than die-off, it was more of an immune reaction to the SB. It made me feel worse than die-off from candida. It was a different type of headache, whereas die-off from candida (using Nystatin) was more heaviness in legs, lethargy, headache, but not a runny nose. After 7 days of using SB, I got a sinus infection that took several weeks to totally clear.

I have read that in some cases, the body will attack yeasts like SB. I’ve always thought my Candida was different from others on this board, in that I have never really been super sick. I think my candida is/was mostly in my gut. My immune system is still functioning which kept it from going systemic. (It was in trying to treat my face breakouts from food, that I learned about candida.. actually from a doctor.) So perhaps this is why I react to SB, and others with systemic candida, may not. All you can do is try it. The brand I used was Kirkman Labs, 3B. Plus I tried Kombucha, but had the same reaction to it.