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Hi Jorge

Thanks very much for your answer.

I did yesterday three rounds of enemas ( i thought intitially that 3 rounds including nystatin is enough) and what I noticed that I could hold the water only two first rounds and the third round I put nystatin water and could not hold at all. I was quite disappointed. I think because my colon was still full of water from previous rounds, though I thought that I expelled all water.

Jorge, how long do you wait between rounds? It takes me about 10-15 mins at least. And the whole thing takes at least an hour.

In previous posts you told me that you have dilution of 500 000 units in water. Now I am thinking about it and getting confused.

What I do, I crash two pills, each of them is 500 000 units and dilute in two cups of water. Is it the same concentration as you use?

Because I think my equations are wrong. The powder which chemist can order is 5 000 000 units. May be after dilution of 1/4 of a teaspoon of 5 000 000 of nystatin in water ( two cups)will give the same concentration which you use ?

Please help me with this.

Sorry again for all these questions, but I am still not clear about it.


Thanks also for your time.