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I am aware some people get results following a very strict diet for long time, sometimes years.
What happens is easy to understand. We need to realize the best weapon so far against CRC is the diet. Why ??? Because the fungal focus are in the COLON and because what we take by mouth don’t get there. It is simple. We are taking by mouth a poison that never reach the colon and never touch candida. If it does, it is very diluted. The main weapon is to STARVE the candida since the poison don’t touch it.
Taking the poison where the infection is, no matter if the fungus eat a little bit more but is preferred to keep it without food, is the way to kill it. Having it weak with a diet and giving it poison by direct contact it will die.
It is the same if you eat and you are given poison. No matter if you eat, you will die.
Now, with current antifungals taken orally, we are mostly left with the diet efficacy to eliminate the infection.

To understand it, you need to know a little bit about the intestines. There isn’t blood irrigation inside the intestines. The only part that has it is the epithelium. Our flora don’t live in direct contact with the intestinal lining, instead it lives floating on a mucus layer that protects the lining. It is there where the fungus growth and creates mycelia. Some of this filaments are able to attach to the lining and suck blood. These are the only ones targeted by the systemic antifungals that circulate in the blood. The rest of them MUST be targeted with something non-absorbed able to reach the lower part concentrated enough to kill them. Here is where the enemas play the biggest role. We need to understand that candida biofilm matrix are mostly composed by glucose. Glucose is soluble in water, so the enemas are dissolving them and pushing them out.

This isn’t rocket science guys. It is hard because we don’t have medical guidance and because the web is FULL of mistakes about how to treat it.

So, you already know. I don’t want to disappear without leaving some testimonies. Some day, I will because I have to go ahead with my life and forget all this. I hope all of you can do the same.
I have some pictures to share. Please, if you like to see some, sent me a PM with your email.