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I agree with other’s on a few points. First off, we don’t need a new enema post on the forum every week…just bumping the same old post is good enough. You can even edit it and add new material.

I also agree that this is an extreme way to go about trying to heal yourself. The way I look at it, you may improve 95-99% of your symptoms via natural means, but there might be a tiny bit leftover in the colon and if so, you should go and try enemas as a final cleanup task. I haven’t done one and am unsure if I ever will, but I do have a small interest.

Isn’t there risks with trying this out, and if there are, what are these risks?
If someone were to do enemas, where can they find instructions?
If one can’t get prescribed nystatin, would other antifungals work also?
How long should one expect to do enemas before they notice an improvement or cure?
What if someone has parasites? Are enemas effective for killing parasites?
Is there other ways to kill or reduce the candida numbers in the colon?
Is there any testing or ways to determine that you have candida in the colon? Colonoscopy?
Shouldn’t there be candida in the colon? Don’t we need candida to survive?
Why should you do an enema vs. fecal transplant? Fecal transplant success rate is about 90%.
Can you do enemas by yourself with no assistance?