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raster;57967 wrote:

I wondered about this too as it’s allowed in the safe food list but then Dvjorge mentioned the galactose feeds Candida but that the LAB in it also inhibits Candida growth so it’s quite hard to know what to follow. I didn’t find it hindering or promoting my health overall except that it helped improve my lactose intolerance. Before I would drink milk and have the classic signs of feeling gas/bloated, but now I drink it without any symptoms. I have withdrawn dairy to see if I’m somehow intolerant or not as Raster usually suggests to people on this forum, and it didn’t seem to be.

So its not in the safe foods list as an FYI…atleast in my list…


Milk isn’t, I’m aware. I just mentioned it in relation to lactose intolerance, but I was responding specifically to kefir which I was referring to about Dvjorge’s debate on galactose and LAB, which IS on your safe food list.

Fermented foods:
(Almost all fermented foods are safe for the diet, I would avoid ones high in starch and sugar)

Homemade Kefir
Kim Chi

But I guess I should have been more clear in my post that I was talking about kefir.