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enid1;59707 wrote: Ok sure, Thanks for your replies.
Have you read what Lisa Richards (creator of this website) has said about yogurt?

My question really isn’t about dairy, as I only eat yogurt no other dairy – it’s about the sugar and how it acts in yogurt – as it is not refined and is lactose based (I think?) that it is counteracted by fermentation/more useful that a hinderence.

Here is a link :

If no one really knows anything about this, don’t worry about it – just wondering if anyone had had the kind of reaction I described, or if they know anything about sugar in yogurt (plain, organic, with good bac a,b and c).

Thanks again.

750 grams or 26 ounces is way too much yogurt to be consuming in a day. The average single serving of yogurt sold in the US is 5.3 ounces. So you are consuming 5 servings of yogurt in one day. That would be about about 30 grams of sugar average. That’s an awful lot of sugar.

While there may be some controversy regarding yogurt, I personally believe it’s not beneficial and like the other posters mentioned the bacteria will not make it to your digestive tract. The best thing you can do imo is to drop it entirely for a week or so and watch yourself closely to see if you feel better.