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Yeah I can understand that. I have read pretty much everything on the site, and downloaded the ultimate diet (but yeah you have to pay for it), her experience was useful to me as of course she has been through it, and spoken to hundreds of people about their symptoms, reactions, diets etc and has developed that from their experiences. Knowledge is power and the more you can read from people who have been through it and have cured themselves (and others!) the better really.

I trust what she says about a lot of things after reading the testimonials, really good results. So might be worth a good shot. It’s working for me anyway – and since my first post here, I have still been eating yogurt (3 servings a day) and have had no reaction, so I think it was die off after all. I have been on a work trip so yogurt has been super useful in keeping me afloat when I can’t get food easily.

Of course everyone is different, but if you start from a good stable base of understanding from others experience, you really set yourself up for an effective treatment, why re-invent the wheel right?
heaps of resources and useful info out there, just have to weigh them and and compare and listen to your body. Good luck with your treatments and thanks heaps for your input. I’ll let you know how I go.