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Plain unsweetened yogurt can be beneficial since it contains live cultures that help replenish the healthy bacteria in your body, much like probiotic supplements, and these bacteria help prevent the overgrowth of candida. At the same time, even unsweetened yogurt does naturally contain some milk sugars, and some people have sensitivities to dairy products. So, like a number of things on this diet, it’s generally allowed but some people have to proceed with caution.

Myself, I went completely dairy free for about the first two weeks of this diet. Then, I had several servings of unsweetened plain kefir (a cultured milk drink that is similar to yogurt but not as thick). My nasal/sinus symptoms seemed to get worse immediately. I’m not positive whether this was the result of the dairy, or whether it was just a coincidence and I was starting to experience die-off symptoms. I’m going without the kefir again for a few days to see if it helps (so far it hasn’t, and I currently suspect this is just die-off and not a food reaction). In a couple more days I’ll try adding it back and see if it makes things worse.