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Well I’ve eaten a few granny smith apples with no issues. I have also cheated and ate some cashews, from the can at that but no issues with those either. I have since cut the cashews out though. Haven’t ate any meat since last weekend but we fried some tilapia today, dipped them in organic egg and covered them with buckwheat flour and fried them in olive oil and they were pretty good.

Still having the stomach issues though which sucks. I’m starting to wonder if they are even related to candida or not. Maybe a separate issue all together, I’m not sure.

Tasted the yogurt and almost gagged lol. Then I got to thinking. So I added a little organic apple cider vinegar, some sea salt, olive oil, a few packets of stevia and hit it with the mixer and used it as a veggie dip and it was great. I cut up a cucumber and covered it with my special concoction. This would also be really good on a salad too. Its not ranch but a lot better than oil/vinegar in my opinion.