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okay, I just backed down a bit for awhile to even monitor my reactions on supplements because I think I was trying to do too much. Plus, I was starting to wear myself out with my crafts. So, I have been feeling better by just trying to watch my diet, slow myself down a bit, and monitor reactions. I love eating buckwheat bread right now and my crackers. Plus, I feel good on oat and rice bran, and millet flour.

I’ll try to increase probiotics again. Yes, 15 billion in one capsule. I’ll start taking 2 of them again, and increase again after 5 days. I did just take my probiotic a little while ago, and feel a tad better; any cause for real stinky farts sometimes; sorry. Other things I am taking right now are trying goat milk colostrum, biotin, milk thistle, vitamin c, natural magnesium at night, l-glutamine as needed and molybednum as needed, and then sf722 (trying to get to the 6 a day), cortisol manager (this has ashwangda in it), relora, hcl, and yes, I know you don’t recommended it (I did see mooch’s post), an enzyme as needed (mainly as lots of herbs, slippery elm, dgl, marshmallow root, and then only a couple small amount of enzymes).

I don’t know what to take for my urinary issue.

Then, like I said, I’ll see how the naturopath consult goes and post how that goes afterwards.