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I actually read the majority of your post. I have a similar background to you – ate pretty healthy, but I used to party too hard years ago, and kind of replaced alcohol with junk food when I got sober, so I would try to balance out my junk food habit with organic salads or whatever :p

Anyway, I’m one of those folks everyone would look at and say, “Oh Alex, you’re so healthy!” when I actually was really sick and just didn’t know why or with what.

I had a lot of the same symptoms as you and others – fatigue, brain fog, irrational anxiety, irritability, digestive troubles, a lot of colds, etc.

There are also others on the site that are “cured” or close to it – raster, dvjorge have both been at it for quite a long time, using different methods, and are both pretty recovered. Also, myself and shayfo, we both started this diet and protocol about 6 and a half months ago, and both of us are now starting to reintroduce foods and feeling pretty darn good. I, personally, just went on tour for a week and a half and am about to be gone for a month on tour again and then being a camp counselor for a week. I managed to stick pretty close to the diet, flubbed a little (on purpose and on accident, stupid hidden ingredients)…I had 2 bad days when I got home where I was definitely detoxing and recovering, but it’s now 5 days later and today I feel AMAZING! I even tested a new food (peapods) and am feeling dandy. This is a HUGE fucking deal, because in the end of March, I went to a local gaming convention and didn’t cheat or overdo it that much, but still ended up taking almost two months to recover. A four-day recovery time is a freaking miracle considering that I was still feeling like shit even back in May.

The basic things that have gotten me through this are:
1. I truly, truly believe in my heart of hearts that being vegetarian has really helped cut my recovery time down from those who aren’t. Shayfo is also veg and has had the same timeline as me, more or less.

2. Working from home, trying to stay relaxed as much as possible and not freaking out when “life happens.”

3. Taking a vacation to my cousin’s place in LA this winter. I had a bad reaction one day while I was there, but being in the warmth and sun and forcing myself to take a week off of work was a really, really good idea. Staying with someone that let me use his kitchen was great, because I could stay on the diet but still kick back and hang out in the Cali sunshine 🙂 (Also, holy shit, the avocados down there are to die for!!)

4. Staying EXTREMELY STRICT with the diet!! I did not “cheat” or go off the diet at all until this past month, where I’ve fudged some things because of feeling pretty recovered and just to help make my life on the road a little easier. My fudges include one cup or less of coffee a day when I have to be up at ass o’clock and talking to screaming teenagers all day, carrots (no more than 1/day, usually more like 1/2 a day), tomatoes (maybe 1/2 every other day), and unsweetened hemp milk (goes in the coffee). Nothing too terrible. I ate one strawberry last week (bad idea) and accidentally ate something with sugar in it (bad idea, stupid hidden ingredients) :p

5. Yoga!! I can’t tell you how much one yoga class a week helps! I think two would be ideal but I can’t afford it.

6. Trying not to worry about how much I spend on food, and instead focus on how it really all evens out because I’m not spending that money on alcohol or eating out.

7. Keeping a positive attitude – EXTREMELY important! I have bad days still (last Thursday and Friday I was a fucking mess, trust me), but if I try to pull out of them as best as I can, my days feel great. Even when I was feeling more sick, just trying to focus on being best friends with my body and helping body fight this shit off would help me, and I think it really helped my healing.

8. Sleeping as much as necessary and not using an alarm clock. Basically, since I work from home, I can set my own schedule. So if I go to bed early and wake up at 9, cool, if I can’t sleep or don’t want to and stay up late, I can also start my day at 2 pm. It’s pretty awesome and liberating and definitely has helped speed up my healing.

Those are the biggest things that helped me out. Good luck on your journey and feel free to message me with any questions or anything. Welcome to the forum!