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First, off welcome to the forum (or at least your first post).

To be blunt with ya, I didn’t read everything you wrote, and I’m not sure what you are expecting in terms of a response. However, it is clear that you have given this a lot of thought.

I know that you wonder if this is all real? I could quote you all the doctors, microbiologists, and scientists I’ve read; but I won’t.

Just look around you. Obese, unhappy, tired, and generally sick people are EVERYWHERE. Almost every adult is popping a pill for some autoimmune and or chronic disease we have a name for. We daily consume chemicals created in a lab, eat sugar like it is an essential nutrient, and take antibiotics for everything. We have hundreds of trillions of bacterial cells in our body to 1 trillion human cells. The #1 visit to a doctor in america is for stomach issues. Surely, something has gone wrong. We left what was natural long ago. Our excess, what some call, “The King’s Diet”, coupled with westernized dogma — We know best — has created illnesses not seen 100 years ago.

Give your body a chance, take out the bad, put in the good. It may take some time, after all you being sick didn’t happen overnight, but I promise you your body can heal. Who knows, you may be a “believer” in all of this yet …