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Alex, I appreciate your reply.

Unfortunately for me I’m under extreme stress most days albeit much of it can be controlled cognitively. Working a full-time job that is very mentally demanding then I have a second job I work on the weekends doing the complete opposite, no mental work instead heavy manual labor in a lumber yard for extra bills to pay off bills, etc. So I’ve got my fair share of stress which probably isn’t helping this newly acquired mystery illness.

I’m glad to hear of all the success people are having here–particularly why stuck around because for example was a bit of a joke and was full of very lost individuals. Here it’s nice to see that people are developing strategies, sharing information, and that’s important for something like this that has been disregarded by the medical doctors and the schools which train them.

It’s interesting you mention yoga because when I became sick in January–or rather when it was at its pinnacle, I considered it to perhaps help me 1.) calm down 2.) stretch which engages your nervous system and can help refocus your mind. Instead, I went to a Chiropractor who did functional medicine that was going to pursue my illness I came to him for, but it was all too expensive, and instead I got a session of deep massage for my extreme tight muscles, and on my own accord followed the GAPS diet, was on L-glutamine for possible leaky gut healing, would drink whey protein shakes everyday–whey isolate with no lactose in it so they my brain was getting good amounts of amino acids for my body (l-typtophan for serotonin, l-tyrosine for dopamine, etc). I wanted to make sure I wasn’t shorting myself for mental health nutrition. Anyhow, in March 2013 I was feeling pretty good. I was doing the following:

  • Wasn’t eating simple sugar products at all
  • Was eating bone broths and soups
  • Made all my meals based on the GAPS, SCD, Candida Diet recipes
  • Eating lots of spinach, green leafy foods, etc.
  • Stopped drinking my water from the tap and would drink distilled water so I wouldn’t start killing my good bacteria (or what was left of it)
  • Was taking Ultra Flora 80billion cfu
  • Was eating things to help prepare my gut-lining (whey protein, etc.)
  • FORCING myself to go to bed early which is hard with my family and work
  • Reduced my second jobs hours to where I only work weekends (Before was working during the week after second job!
  • Would try to do mindful type meditation, etc. I found it cheesy at first, but I had the epiphony that my mental health probably had more to do with this illness than anything else.
  • Stopped going out on weekends
  • Changing the amount of food I ate in a sitting and how long I chewed my food
  • Sat out in the sun for 30 minutes a day because my day job I see no sun at all. My Vitamin D levels had to have been extremely low

When I got ill again, I was deviating ever so slightly back to more carbs–I would eat an entire bowl of kidney beans with olive oil, onions and garlic (taste great!), stopped probiotics because I wasn’t sure if they were doing anything and they were costing me a FORTUNE. I hate spending money on stuff that I cannot verify is working. I can say, out of all I listed above, something of them or them all combined, was doing something positive. The kidney beans to my surprise–thinking they were ok–had quite a bit of carbs. Certain things I thought were ok, were not (just now realizing this).

One thing that really sucks for me is when I work my weekend job (Yes, I should quit it, but I got bills to pay till December) is when I do lots of physical labor, I start getting really dizzy on this diet and I need some source of energy. So I’ll eat kidney beans or something before this job. I have noticed one thing:

  • Doing a lot of physical labor or the like, eating a carb meal (not simple sugar meal) before this doesn’t seem to spark Candida like symptoms. This is probably because your body is immediately using up all the energy before the Candida or whatever the fuck it is, to it first.

And yes, staying positive is very important. I’m NOT depressed whatsoever but I frequently think about offing myself when I’m feeling sick for days on end. With an illness like this, you fall through the cracks with these medical doctors, they dismiss you, and you’re left to fend on your own and it’s insane. Then to add insult to injury, you scour the internet only to find scam after scam and pseudoscience after pseudoscience, egotistical asshole after egotistical asshole in forums. Gets discouraging.

Anyone, I appreciate everyones contributions on this forum. It’s great to see all the minds working together on this problem, rather than everyone kind of fending on their own against this beast.

I often wonder how many people kill themselves from this illness because they think what they are feeling is merely what the doctors tell them, “ahh, it’s normal, your hypochondriac” then live thinking that’s “normal” and then off themselves because of the PHYSICAL pain, not mental pain.