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raster;32147 wrote: To answer you question:

1) We don’t recommend rice on the forum, but if you do eat rice, wild rice, black rice, and red rice are the best ones to have because you likely haven’t had them much in your lifetime and they contain greater nutritional properties than brown rice. Brown rice is inflammatory and contains high levels of starch and some sugar:

It’s also high in the glycemic index (GI index).

2) All forms of sugar should be avoided on the diet including cane sugar.

3) Rolled oats, soy, brown rice flour, cane juice, oat syrup, and molasses should be avoided on the diet. Oat bran is allowed on the diet and is a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

4) If your yogurt is high in sugar (17-25g of sugar per serving) this is too high. Ideally you should get low sugar yogurt which is 7-11g of sugar per serving.

5) Vinegar should be avoided on the diet and is similar to alcohol. Annie’s makes a salad dressing that contains apple cider vinegar (raw) and this is the best salad dressing option for the diet.

We have a strict forum food list if you are interested; email able900 for a copy.


Thanks everyone for replying. I will keep everything in mind. This has been frustrating and difficult because rice and starchy foods have been apart of my diet since I can remember. Getting this awful infection has open my eyes to my overall health and I’m looking forward to actually eating healthier than fighting this which of course I will. I will give Able900 a pm, thanks again.