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The theory I heard was that since candida can metabolise ketones, ketosis can actually exasperate yeast infections. You’re also likely to experience a drop in immunity and metabolism during a cleanse. Die-off should involve symptoms of toxicity rather than raging thrush or something. Another thing I’ve heard from multiple sources is that it becomes more pathogenic when deprived of glucose, but I don’t know where the evidence is (hearsay sucks). I’m not sure what evidence the cleanse itself is based on and whether it outweighs the effects on metabolism.

If you’re feeling so awful, you might want to start with the normal diet. Abrupt changes in diet aren’t without risks, and many of your symptoms could be unrelated to candida. You might want to go easy on the seaweed if you’re eating a lot too. It’s high in iodine which, could potentially cause symptoms if you’re deficient or if the levels go too high.